The Dream

The other day, I was talking to Mrs. Best Friend. On more than one occasion, she has expressed the wish that she could introduce me to someone, but all the women she knows are crazy. Her words, not mine. One lady in particular came up during the conversation. She’s been seeing this dude for thirteen years, and just found out that he’s been married the whole time.

Or at least that is her story. And I can believe it. I’ve been what, in hindsight, can only be described as willfully oblivious. Wizard’s First Rule: “People are stupid. They will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true.”

Part of me wanted to beg her for an introduction. I mean, the girl has to be loyal to have stuck it out as long as she did. And she must bring something good to the table, otherwise dude wouldn’t have kept stringing her along for thirteen years while still going home to his wife every night.

Yes, my dream lives on.

But I know there’s no chance. Either she wouldn’t like me. Or she would find my appearance a turn off. Or I would be the one guy on the planet that she would leave. Or dude’s mistreatment has irreparably damaged her. Or all of the above.

I’m done. But my fantasy will not die until I draw my final breath on this earth.

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