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A Late Thanksgiving Post

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving here in the US.  I spent the day at my mother’s home in a bordering state, or on the road en route to/from her location. I’m thankful to still have my wonderful mother.  After nearly … Continue reading

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Brief Update

I survived the first week working for FaucetCompany.  They have some really weird ways of doing business that will cause issues for me in the future.  I won’t go into these at this time, but will reserve my ranting for … Continue reading

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Veterans Day

Thank you to all who have served, and those who continue to serve. This post is late, for which I profusely apologize.  I’ve been otherwise occupied this weekend.

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Go do your civic duty today.  Pick Gary Johnson if you can’t bring yourself to vote for Mittens or Zer0.  Hell, write in Mickey Mouse.  Just go and vote!

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A New Job And A New Lady

Well, this past Thursday, FaucetCompany finally got everything they needed to officially give me a start date – November 12th.  I put in notice at the chemical company, who counter-offered with a pay raise (but still temp status), which I … Continue reading

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