Financial Recovery

Two months ago, I reached a milestone. I bought a gold coin. Let me explain.

Almost two years ago, I started down a very bad path with B. I didn’t know it at the time. I was in love, and happier than I’d been in a long time. I was in good shape financially. My house was a work in progress in a poor neighborhood, but I owned it free and clear. In fact, the only debt I had was my car payment on a 1.9% promotional interest rate, and a couple thousand on Lowe’s/Amazon 12 months no interest deals. I also had a decent amount of gold bullion in coins.

As of four months ago, the gold was gone, the car had been refinanced at market interest rates to get cash out, I had a near-six figure mortgage on a house that I neither wanted nor needed, and my credit card debt was right at thirty thousand dollars. B was long gone, and Houseguest had just finished fleecing me.

Today, my credit card debt is just over ten thousand dollars, all on zero percent deals that will easily be paid off before the promotions end during the next several months.

I’m far enough ahead on the car that it will be paid off by the end of this year, even if I only make the normal monthly payments.

Last month, I refinanced my mortgage to a half percent lower interest rate, and because of the amount I’d managed to pay ahead, the PMI amount dropped from over ninety dollars per month to just over fifty. All on a no fee mortgage – all I had to pay was title and recording costs.

I’ve also started participating in FaucetCompany’s 401k plan to the tune of fifteen percent of my gross paycheck.

And I have gold again. In fact, every week since my initial purchase, I’ve bought some. Some weeks, all I can afford is a 1/2 gram “bar”, but always something. I still only have a small amount – a fraction of what I had before. But it’s a huge emotional victory.

You can’t keep a good man down!

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5 Responses to Financial Recovery

  1. Alex B says:

    Congratulations, Grumpy. I’m glad things are getting back on track for you.

  2. Spectacular! We’ve never gotten underwater, even while Odysseus was working part time only, but it’s only been by the grace of God we didn’t. I can sympathize, big time.

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