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I’ve whined often about the password requirements of different sites over the years. Must be at least X characters in length, but cannot exceed Y characters. Must have at least three of A, B, C and D types of characters. All … Continue reading

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Generator Update

I installed the new voltage regulator for the generator upon arrival over a month ago, and ran it briefly to verify the repair. Since then, it has lived next to the house, undisturbed and protected from the elements by my … Continue reading

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At work yesterday and last night, I was subjected to the usual Communist News Network blather that is our only choice in the FaucetCompany break room. I haven’t had much to say this political season, but now that it is over (barring … Continue reading

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Just When I Thought It Was Safe

The bitch returns.  One of the temp agencies that provides workers to FaucetCompany has rehired B. For the third time. They better keep that cunt away from me. 

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Breakfast for Dinner 

Last night, I decided to have sausage, eggs and toast as my after work meal. The same sausage that I’ve been eating for years turned my stomach. I haven’t enjoyed it much the last few times I’ve eaten it as … Continue reading

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Teenage Pregnancy 

Dear Niece has been staying with me for a couple months. A few days ago, she found out that her brother’s eldest spawn has gone and gotten herself knocked up at the ripe old age of fifteen.  There’s been lots … Continue reading

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