Secure Communications

Y’all know I hate the damn government with a passion. Nosy motherfuckers. I would like to encourage you all to utilize encrypted communication whenever possible. Encourage your contacts to do the same. Here are my suggested solutions.


TextSecure (Android)
Signal (iPhone)


RedPhone (Android)
Signal (iPhone)


Thunderbird with Enigmail add-on (PC – Linux, Mac or Windows)
APG + K-9 Mail (Android)
iPGMail (iPhone)

[Note that all the above are compatible across platforms. Signal users can call RedPhone users and message TextSecure users securely, and vice versa. Once you have the necessary key, you can exchange encrypted email with anyone using any of the email programs listed.]

General Internet Browsing:

Use an offshore VPN service that does not keep logs (I recommend TorGuard) coupled with TOR, and use a search engine like DuckDuckGo instead of Yahoo, Google, bing, etc. Most big providers link your searches to your “account”, making it easy for .gov to reach out to Google or whomever and get all your emails, search history, and more with a single phone call or subpoena.

Encrypt your smartphone if it isn’t already encrypted by default. Don’t use cloud storage with minimal or no security, or with built-in back doors – at least not without encrypting your data before you upload it (I recommend SpiderOak). Encrypt your hard drives and USB drives. And pick a good, strong passphrase, for fuck’s sake.

The only way to guarantee complete security is to never communicate. Obviously, that is not feasible. The goal is to make it difficult and expensive enough to not be worth the effort. The above recommendations greatly increase the investment necessary for someone to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

Whether you have anything to hide or not is irrelevant. It’s none of their fucking business, period.

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Three More

Following the recommendation of someone who knows, I ordered three more pens. All fine nib Parker Vectors, one each black, dark blue, and red. They’re coming from India, so it will be several weeks before they arrive. I’m still waiting on the two Hero pens that I ordered a week or two ago, too. That shipment originated in China.

The Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink has arrived, and entered service tonight in one of my Pilot pens. Now when I get overspray from the rinse hose, the log book and hourly log sheet should remain legible. A report will be forthcoming, but based on the drops of water and isopropyl alcohol that I intentionally splashed onto different parts of the page as an initial test, it looks promising.

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Florida Rocks

Just over three weeks ago, I mailed my concealed weapon permit renewal package to the folks down in the Sunshine State. Some time last week, my new license appeared at the post office. I can’t say which day, because I only check my box once a week unless I’m expecting something. So, a process that can take up to ninety days, and is estimated to take ten weeks by those doing the work, took less than three weeks. In fact, the issue date is less than two weeks from the first day that they could have received the packet. Go Florida!

So now I’m legal until 15 October 2022. Hopefully, by then we’ll have Constitutional Carry and I won’t need to renew again.

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Happy Fathers Day

To all the dads out there, enjoy your day.

To my own father, who went to his reward over thirty years ago, “Thank you for everything, Pop. I miss you.”

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Does anyone have any recommendations for break resistant thread? Aramark seems to have discontinued repair service for their uniforms, at least for FaucetCompany employees, and I have two or three pairs of pants with rips in the crotch area. I’ve had reasonable success repairing small tears of an inch or less, but longer ones won’t hold, even for one shift. Squat wrong once, and the thread breaks.

At first, I tried a general purpose thread, but no matter how close together I put the stitches, or how many times I went over the area, the repair wouldn’t hold. Then I switched to nylon monofilament thread, thinking it would be stronger, but no luck. I make the repair by hand, if that matters. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m almost ready to buy some thin gauge stainless steel safety wire.

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Two Is One

We’ve all heard the rule, “Two is one, and one is none”.  Sometimes, three is none.

I normally bring two pens to work with me, mostly because I never seem to be able to remember to check the ink level before I leave, and I don’t want to run dry and have to use FaucetCompany’s roller ball crap. Today, I brought three. It wasn’t enough.

Yesterday, my primary was the Lamy. I knew it was getting low, but I didn’t refill it because I plan to switch inks. Predictably, it ran out within the first hour. I switched to my blue Jinhao with the aftermarket German nib. I hadn’t used it in a while, so I wasted a little ink getting it going. Two hours later, it was dry.

My tertiary pen was the burgundy Jinhao with the Midnight Emerald ink. I try to limit work to black or blue, but it’s dark enough to pass for black as long as you don’t compare it to a true black. This pen/ink combination is a recent favorite, and I’ve been using it a fair amount for personal writing.

Out of curiosity, I checked the converter. No ink visible. But it’s a true extra fine nib. Maybe there’s enough in the feed tube to get me through the night.

Almost. But no.

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Definitely Addicted

I ordered three more fountain pens and two more inks yesterday. This will take me into the double digits for both. Nobody needs that many. But that’s the beauty of it. I’m not required to need something in order to be able to have it and enjoy it. That’s an advantage of living in the freest police state on the planet.

I’ll post details after I get them and have the opportunity to try them out.

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