Yesterday, I drove home from work via the route that makes the most sense by bicycle. It was intimidating as hell. Especially at midnight. I freely admit that I’m (probably overly) apprehensive about potential threats, especially those that I cannot see. But that road is just creepy. 

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Not Ready

But not horrible.

I started out strong, despite lingering hip pain. But I couldn’t keep it up. This time it was more a lack of wind than pain, although both were factors.

I want to be under 40:00 on Sunday. I’d love a new PR, but I don’t think that is a realistic hope. 

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Annoying Ex-Wife

A couple days ago, I posted on the book of faces requesting suggestions for a weapon mount suitable for use on a bicycle. I detailed my criteria – discreet, accessible while riding, somewhat secure, and weather-resistant. 

My ex-wife wanted to offer advice. I truly do appreciate that she tried to help. She is the typical blonde, so that excuses her somewhat. But at some point, basic logic and common sense should kick in, right?

She lives in the People’s Republic of Kalifornistan, where only the elite have access to firearms. She has never owned a gun in her life, and in fact asked me for gun advice not that long ago. It took her three attempts to qualify with the M-16 in Air Force basic training back in the early 1990s (minimum score at that time was something ridiculous like 15/40 hits). But she wanted to hand out gun gear advice. 

 Her “help”: Have you checked on Amazon? What about BassPro or 5.11 Tactical? Glock Store?

Bitch, please! If it was that easy, I wouldn’t have needed to ask for help, especially not on social media. I had already checked the obvious locations. My google-fu is at least apprentice level, perhaps even journeyman. If something suitable was available from any major retailer, or from a cursory Internet search, I would have already found it. 

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Mulching Kits … Don’t

Today I installed the mulching kit on my new Cub. I chose a Cub branded kit, so the part quality should match the original equipment. Should.  

These kits consist of a plastic plug that blocks the discharge port, and a set of mulching blades. Theoretically, the cut quality shouldn’t change. The plug just keeps the clippings contained inside the deck while the tops of the blades disintegrate them. Theoretically. 

I had already completed three laps when I decided that I had enough time to install the kit and finish at least the back yard before having to quit and get ready for work. The install was slightly less smooth than I anticipated, but still relatively painless. 

Immediately, I noticed missed spots. Lots of them. Maybe the mutant dandelions in my yard are particularly resistant to being cut. Maybe I was too busy smoothing out the edges to notice the misses the first few times around. Or maybe installing a mulch kit does something that prevents a clean cut. In any case, I’m back to a 50% overlap. Fortunately, 50% of 54″ is quite an improvement over 50% of 42″. If you don’t believe me, ask your old lady how much difference six inches makes. 

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Falling Apart

In the last four weeks, I’ve ran three times. I’m not counting walking episodes, or short runs of a mile or so, of which there have been several. I’m talking full, five kilometer runs. I backed off because my calves had been hurting for months and refused to heal while I was actively running thrice per week. Well, I have been successful. Somewhat. But only when it comes to my calves.

Within days of stopping my runs, my plantar fasciitis, which had largely become a non-issue, reared its ugly head.  It has gotten bad enough that I’m back to sleeping in the night splint socks. Which is rapidly putting the monster back to sleep.

Two weeks ago, my calves showed significant improvement, but still caused enough pain following a run that I decided to take another week off.

Last week, my first run was pretty good. I was off my pace a bit, but my calves only grumbled quietly. But the day I was supposed to do my second run of the week, I ended up at the doctor’s office with a painfully full bowel. To say the least, there was no more running that week.

About the time I started having intestinal difficulties, I noticed that I was having pain in my left hip when I repositioned myself in bed. At first, I didn’t realize that it was my hip. I thought it was groin, or groin-adjacent, and caused by whatever was making me feel like I’d been kicked in the nuts. Well, that problem is long gone, but I still hurt when I toss and turn in bed. For the record, mag citrate is very effective, and not nearly as unpleasant as its reputation would have you believe, as long as you are prepared for what will happen.

When I went for my run yesterday, my hip started to hurt almost immediately, followed shortly thereafter by my lower back. I assume that my back pain is either related to whatever the fuck is causing my hip to hurt, or I was trying to compensate for the hip pain and somehow caused a problem in my back. I was able to finish the three miles, but with the pathetic pace of 15:48 per mile. My calves barely noticed.

My next race is this coming Sunday. And my body is falling apart. I will run it, but I will probably come in dead last by about twenty minutes. After that, my running may be over. I’ve been doing this for five months. My cardio-vascular health is probably as good as it’s ever been in my life. But every time I turn around, something new hurts. I’m not sure it’s worth it. I’m not a fan of pain.

Anybody have any recommendations for a good entry-level road bicycle? I plan to continue my fitness journey, but I need something less traumatic for my decrepit old body.

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Tired Of Fucking Around

It’s approximately 0400 as I write this. I’ve been trying to sleep since about midnight. Between the fact that I don’t usually go to bed until 0200 and the intestinal issues that have been plaguing me for the last week, I just can’t get there. In less than four hours I have guys scheduled to arrive to install satellite internet. This evening I’m supposed to head over to see ex-Roomie for a TV marathon. It’s going to be a long fucking day. 

I’ve been on significantly more than the usual dosage of two different kinds of laxatives for the last two and a half days. There’s been lots of miniscule movement resulting in maybe a 20% decrease in the pressure in my abdomen. I’m fresh out of patience. Between the frustration, the pain, and the irritability that comes with the lack of sleep, I decided that I had to do something. 

I went to the mart of walls. A couple bottles of magnesium citrate followed me home. I just drank one and chased it with a quart of water. Something is going to fucking happen, and soon.

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Fuck Windstream

Windstream has bought up most of the small, rural telephone companies, making them the largest rural telephone service provider in the nation. Fortunately for them, few of their customers have any other options. 

I’ve been stuck with them since I moved into my current residence a little over two years ago. I tried to get cable Internet, but I’m too far from the nearest tap. By less than a hundred feet. But too far is too far. So, I called Windstream and have been overpaying for mediocre service ever since. 

I complained before about how they won’t send you a courtesy email to let you know when your bill is ready if you sign up for their paperless billing option. After a couple months of late fees, I went back to killing trees every month so I could keep up with it.

A month or so ago, they sent me a postcard advertisement saying that I was eligible for upgraded speed at no extra charge for twelve months. I called them and accepted the deal. Basically, they combine two lines to double the speed. It worked fine for a few weeks. 

Then one side dropped off. It simply wouldn’t connect. I did all the usual stuff, but no joy. I still had a connection through the side that was still working, but that resulted in only half of the speed that I was supposed to have. I put in a repair ticket. Here’s where the problem showed up. 

Their technicians work from 0700 until 1800. But they refuse to attempt even a first half or second half of the day appointment time. They will call (automated, with no ability to speak to anyone) the night before to give you an estimated four hour window. When they called me to tell me that my estimated window for the following day was 1315-1715, I called back to request rescheduling, seeing as how I work second shift and leave the house at 1400. 

They said that they would change it to the following day. Dude still showed up on the original day, at 1545, while I was at work. He supposedly verified service to the outside of the house, and left a note saying to call back if I still had problems. So I did. I begged them to find a way to get someone out during the time that I would be home. 

I’m sorry, but our technician appointments are any time from 7AM to 6PM. 

That’s all I could get. No attempt to accommodate my needs. So, after talking myself out of it multiple times over the last year or so, I finally pulled the trigger on satellite Internet. They install on Friday. As soon as it is operational, Windstream can go fuck themselves.  

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