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Holy Fucking Shit

I finally received my ammo order for Annie this week.  Observe (please forgive the poor picture): From left to right, you have a .22 Long Rifle (for reference), a 9mm (my backup and discreet carry), a 454 Casull (my everyday … Continue reading

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My Inner Hermit, and Women

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m the reclusive sort.  I really, really don’t like people, and would prefer to stay away from society completely.  I want to be left alone, and would really like it if people would mind … Continue reading

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Remora Holster Initial Review

Last week, I ordered two Remora holsters (at full price) based on reviews by current owners, including my BFF.  They arrived on Saturday. I bought the 4ART-SS for my KelTec PF-9, and a 10ART-SS for my Glock 29.  Check out … Continue reading

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Dating Report Week 1

Last week, I decided to perform an experiment.  I won’t go into the entire thing yet, but the first part consisted of joining for six months.  If I am successful at finding someone before my subscription expires, the experiment … Continue reading

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It is raining at the moment, and is expected to continue doing so for the remainder of my days off. Glory!  Hallelujah!  Thank you, Jesus! I worked my ass off outside yesterday, and had several more things left to do … Continue reading

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Work at Home

I’ve had a reasonably productive day today.  Last night was my last shift before four blissful (I hope) days off.  After I got home, I started on my massive to-do list. First, I planted the onions and garlic.  This involved … Continue reading

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It’s been a busy couple weeks, besides the previously documented failures in the romantic department. I started my habanero and jalapeño peppers almost two weeks ago.  I ignored the instructions, and planted every single seed separately.  I believe in giving … Continue reading

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