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This and That

Roomie and I were watching an episode from season two of The Mentalist (Amanda Righetti is so, well, desirable) the other night, and there was mention of Red Savina Pepper powder.  The context made it out to be the baddest … Continue reading

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It Fucking Hurts

Alternate title: Reason # 14,788 why I’m a wimp. I worked overtime today, performing maintenance on the line where I normally work.  Part of this maintenance involved removing twenty metal rectangular pieces from the tanks where they live.  These pieces … Continue reading

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Yesterday I was in the break room at work, where they blast CNN nonstop.  While I was inhaling my food, the talking heads started blathering about gun control.  I tried to ignore them.  They started talking about Crazy Joe’s recommendation … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Challenge

My official starting weigh-in number Monday afternoon was 225.6 pounds in my work attire minus boots.  When I returned home Monday evening, I weighed said work attire and came up with 3.0 pounds.  So, I have set up the ticker … Continue reading

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I need want a EDC flashlight.  I have an old Digilight 1000XB, but it eats CR123 batteries like they are candy, doesn’t have any way to attach a lanyard or other retention device, and the bulbs are very susceptible to … Continue reading

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Big Fucking Mistake

FaucetCompany has a “Wellness Committee”.  Said Wellness Committee came up with a really bright idea.  They are sponsoring a weight loss challenge.  Ten FRNs to enter, and the individual who loses the largest percentage of their starting weight at the … Continue reading

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A Weekend Off

FaucetCompany was gracious enough to let me know Friday afternoon that my services would not be needed this weekend. Sperm Donor was supposed to have LF’s spawn this weekend, but Spawn is scheduled to sell girl scout cookies somewhere Saturday … Continue reading

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