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Dating Report Week Six

I e-mailed six ladies this week, using a combination of the form letters suggested to me by Skidmark and Garand Gal. Four of the six read my e-mails.  One responded.  I had used skid’s letter for her, which asked for … Continue reading

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About My Last Post

I’m floored by the response to my last post.  There has been a lot of discussion in the comments, and several people have contacted me directly instead of commenting. Honestly, I expected comments along the lines of Congratulations, or It’s … Continue reading

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News … Sort Of

Well, I might be going out on a date soon.  No, it isn’t anybody on or any other online dating site.  It’s a lady I work with. Remember White Trash Lady?  Yeah, well, there’s a whole slew of reasons … Continue reading

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Dating Report Week Five

I decided to change my strategy this week.  Erin commented on a previous post about a single male friend of hers who is similarly frustrated, and shared the form letter that he has started using.  I blatantly copied it, made … Continue reading

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Annie’s First Date

This morning, I took Annie to the range for the first time.  I spent ten minutes or so setting up the bench, the target, and getting everything lined up and ready for the first shot.  I loaded the magazine, and … Continue reading

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Cree LEDs Suck

A few years ago, I bought a flashlight from the Cree Store at the recommendation of a friend who worked for them.  In fact, I ordered three.  Big fucking mistake.  One worked reliably, and the other two had to be … Continue reading

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Dating Report Week Four

After running at an 80% ignore rate, this week I decided to add the following to the bottom of every e-mail that I send.  It will probably turn off a lot of folks, but it can’t get any worse than … Continue reading

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