I am a cynical curmudgeon and very intolerant of the epic stupidity that seems to be everywhere. I don’t like people very much, and prefer to limit my personal interaction to my very small circle of friends and acquaintances that I trust. I really dislike socialists, illegal aliens, ragheads, and niggers (but not all Negroes – there is a difference).

I am forty-nine years old as of late 2019. Geographically, I live in the south, but my state leans hard left for a so-called “southern” state.

I have a cruel sense of humor. I’ve been told that I need to keep my mouth shut, because most of what comes out of it is poison.

Politically, I’m a constitutionalist/libertarian. I’d prefer if the government and the world in general would fuck off and leave me alone.

I am a man of honor. I am fair and absolutely professional in my business dealings. For the few that I do love and allow into my life, I love completely and unconditionally. With them, I am generous to a fault, and will move heaven and earth for them.
You will never have a better friend or worse enemy than me.

6 Responses to About

  1. brian says:

    New reader, just thought I would add a thought to your on going trouble with your HOA “cunt”. if she reads your blog she may have ground to stand on regarding your rabbits since on a previous post you talk about raising the rabbit you eventually ate. She could possibly call this livestock. Believe me I’m no fan of a HOA or any other nosey shit head telling me what I can and can’t do on property I pay for. Just thought I would mention it. Like the blog though I think I’ll follow you down the rabbit hole and see where it goes.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Welcome, brian, and thank you for the thought. I hope that you enjoy your time here.

      I agree, that if the HOA manager reads this blog, and is able to positively identify me, it may make it less difficult to convince a judge that the rabbits are indeed livestock. However, I don’t think that she has the skills necessary to do so, even if she finds it. She’s just flexing her perceived “power and control” muscles. I don’t think that she has the intestinal fortitude to actually take this one beyond attempted intimidation. If I’m wrong, I’ll deal with it the best I can, and will post an update.

  2. agirlandhergun says:

    Hey, I wanted to send you an email, but I can’t find a way to do that. I am sorry I haven’t been here for a few days. Thinking of you!

    • alaskan454 says:

      Thanks for the thoughts. I’ve been reading your archives, and I must say that you have an awesome family. Your daughter grilling the Sheriff impressed the hell out of me.

      I just added a “Contact me” text box at the top of my sidebar. To save you the click, here is my e-mail address:

      grumpy bastard at live dot com

      Ignore the spaces – just put it all together, substituting the appropriate symbols for the at and the dot. This is kind-of an anonymous account that I won’t mind terribly if I have to close at some point due to spam, but I still separated it in an attempt to confuse the bots. I’ll probably reply from my regular one.

  3. skidmark says:

    Dammit, you need a “contact me” of some sort. For some reason karma has smiled in your direction, but will not be able to bestow the fruits of that smile unless you and I can communicate.

    No, I am not some spammer. I am not trying to sell you anything or ask you to endorse anybody. I’m an olde phart who, after reading your blog, wants to give you some knives from my vast box of “stuff I no longer use”. Why? Because I’m an olde phart, because you say you need at least one good one (but don’t say what style you prefer so I’ll send a few) and because I hate the idea of selling my stuff but am OK with passing it forward.

    So, if you actually read this, get back to me and maybe we’ll work out a way for me to send you some knives.

    stay safe.

    PS – if you want to check up on me Google “skidmark” and “surry”. Yeah, I’m that one.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Contact me has been added to the sidebar. Thank you for the suggestion. I never imagined that anyone would ever show up here, much less comment or want to contact me directly.

      I appreciate the offer of the knives, and I will happily give them a new home. Are you the same skidmark from OCDO? I used to live there, but I haven’t been there in a coon’s age.

      Anyway, to save you the click, my e-mail addy is: grumpybastard at live dot com Ignore the spaces – just put it all together, substituting the appropriate symbols for the at and the dot, of course.

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