Gun Free Zone

I spent yesterday at the county fair. According to the rules posted online and the signs on the gates, it was a designated GFZ.  Except for the “Only Ones” who walked around in their costumes, armed as usual. I even saw a plain-clothes OO carrying in a SERPA.  I didn’t know the security procedures prior to arrival, so I left my firearms at home.  I did have a couple knives on my person, but I opted for small ones just in case there were real security measures in place.  (My EDC knife is on the edge of legal in this locality for concealed carry, and I didn’t want to have to answer any uncomfortable questions – or worse.)  If I get suckered into going again, that won’t be the case.  There are no metal detectors or other methods to detect weapons, so as long as I am discreet, there will be no issues.

I ended up watching as the kids rode rides, and a couple times I got suckered into riding with them.  I only got a cursory look at the tractor display on the way in, and never made it to the truck and tractor pull or the livestock exhibits. But I made major points with B, so it was worth it.

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2 Responses to Gun Free Zone

  1. lpcard says:

    Should have come down to the Clayton Harvest Festival, we were OC all day long. 😀

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