Where Does It Stop?

Our friendly neighborhood agorist recently posted about how it is hatred and bigotry to have a problem with a biological male who identifies as female being allowed to use the female bathroom at school.

I am a regular reader of Mr. Burg’s writings, and I tend to agree with him much more often than I disagree with him.  Not that he is likely to give a shit whether I am a reader or not, or what my opinion is, but I wanted to put that out there.  This time, I have to disagree.

As a former Klansman, I am very familiar with hatred and bigotry.  This ain’t it.  We have segregated bathrooms based on biology.  If’n ya gots a penis, ya uses the little boys room.  If’n ya don’t, ya uses the little girl’s room.  Period, full stop.  Gender identity, clothing choice, and everything else is completely irrelevant.

If we cross that line, then what is the point of anything but unisex bathrooms?

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3 Responses to Where Does It Stop?

  1. “If’n ya gots a penis, ya uses the little boys room…” – This. I am not judgmental about a person’s choice of clothing or what gender they identify as etc but a penis simply does not belong in the ladies room. Unless it is attached to an infant and his mother needs to pee or needs to change his diaper. There are some places that have unisex “family restrooms” for parents of young children to take the whole crew into one bathroom – and that is, in my opinion, the only time a unisex bathroom is needed. Otherwise the parts you have indicate where you go, regardless of whether or not you think of yourself as that gender.

    • alaskan454 says:

      My point exactly. If I’m not sharing a bed with you, I don’t care what equipment you have, or whether you were born with it or bought it. And I don’t care if you identify with your plumbing or not. And I don’t care if your preference of partners matches your parts.

      Honestly, what made me write the post was the bigotry and hate labels. I’m sure that some who believe as I do regarding how to segregate public toilets also have feelings of bigotry and perhaps hatred when confronted with the scenario that prompted the linked post. But one doesn’t equal the other.

      • Agreed. I think people don’t understand what hate truly is anymore, it gets tossed around so quickly where it doesn’t belong. As do many other things.

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