Yesterday, Wife was watching a reality/game show when I came inside from mowing. The challenge taking place was quite physical in nature, so it caught my eye. I sat down and watched for a bit.

As with most shows of this type, there was drama, conflict and deception involved in deciding who got to fight to stay on the show. I mostly ignored that because the eliminations were interesting. I couldn’t ignore it all, however.

One bitch kept blathering about how she wanted to represent the LGBTEIEIO community, and another expressed her desire that a Person of Color™ be the ultimate winner. Normally, I’d have shrugged it off and forgotten it. However, given today’s societal climate, it pissed me off.

I wasn’t always this way, but I’ve grown to not give a shit what ethnic or racial background anyone has. I also don’t give a shit with whom or what they share their bed and genitalia, as long as it is between consensual adults. I don’t even give a shit if they are proud of it and want to invoke such things in a public forum. Or I wouldn’t as long as everyone were allowed to do the same. But we aren’t. Not all of us.

I’m a gun owning caucasian heterosexual male who was born and raised in the southeastern United States and believes in the Christian God. My people are country folks descended from Appalachian mountain stock. Call me redneck or hillbilly if you wish. None of this am I allowed to be proud of, although I am proud of it all. Were I to utter declarations of said prohibited pride on such a show, I would be fired immediately and considered the worst of the worst with any number of derogatory adjectives attached to me. Not that I’d ever be on any sort of TV show, and I absolutely don’t give a shit what most people think or say about me anyway. But it’s the principle of the matter.

Because of this attitude (and unfortunate reality), much of my thinking is reverting backwards towards how I felt and believed when I was a young man and wore a robe and hood on occasion. Fuck every damn nigger, faggot, dyke, tranny, or whatever. Not because I give a shit, because I truly don’t. But because a vocal minority within these groups and their white liberal “allies” have made it normal to hate me and make me persona non grata simply for existing, and in need of cancellation should I ever open my mouth to say anything positive about myself or my heritage.

I hate and distrust everyone, with maybe eight exceptions on the entire planet. But now I especially hate and distrust anyone from any of the current politically favored classes, including those with whom I’ve had positive relationships in the past.

For example, one of my favorite people when I was a team lead was a butch lesbian. She was smart and a hard worker. She had a similar sense of humor, and we got along great. We even met up a few times outside of work before she moved out of state. I adored her as a person and while I’ll never understand homosexuality in either direction, her preference never bothered me. It wasn’t who she was. It was just one of her characteristics – no different than height or hair color. Were she still local, I’d be very hesitant to even speak to her. I don’t think she’s caught the brainwashed activist disease, but I don’t know her well enough to be sure. So I’d keep my distance.

Another example is a black kid raised by one of the aforementioned eight people whom I don’t actively loathe. He was a good kid, and by all indications has grown into a decent young man. I liked him when I knew him. He also lives in another state now. But given the simple fact of the color of his skin, I’ll be particularly careful and cautious around him should I ever have the opportunity to see him again.

In other words, the Party of Unity, Tolerance and Inclusion™ and its minions have transformed this recovered racist back into his former self from the instinct to survive. It’s wrong. I know it. Few people actively hate me or my kind without provocation, but the percentage within certain groups is high enough that I have no choice but to be particularly distrustful of everyone in said groups out of self preservation.

I’m convinced that this is the goal of the left, whether most of them realize it or not. And they’ve won, at least when it comes to me. But I’m too old to fight so I have to resort to other methods.

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7 Responses to Division

  1. hollychism says:

    It’s not being a bigot if you dislike everyone; it’s also not being a bigot if the hatred is not irrational. Right now, it’s rational to dislike and distrust everyone you don’t know really well. And even some of those you do know really well…which is sad.

  2. Jin Chiang says:

    How come there’s not a straight pride parade?

    Is it racist to point out after you remove most of the pasty white people from the former town of Centreville in Illinois that raw sewage is a problem?

    How about when “peaceful” protesting consist of looting and rioting? We revert back to being tribal after society destroys the rule of law.

    • alaskan454 says:

      All good questions. All of which reinforce my point, sadly.

    • Jin Chiang says:

      Yeah, God help us if we ever have to discharge our firearm in self-defense.

      Me: “Grumpy would be crucified in the court of public opinion.”
      Muslim friend: “Just have his wife bail him out while wearing a hijab. Problem solved.”

      We laughed then realize news media really would drop you like a hot potato.

  3. Larry says:

    FWIW he’s in Washington State now and just got fired for giving his opinion on the world in general. Suffice it to say I may not have created him, but he’s mine. 😉 Hopefully that won’t cause him TOO many troubles in the futures, but given the state of things…

    • alaskan454 says:

      Best of luck to him. Washington? Damn, the boy is staying in motion. Last I knew he was in Texas.

      Given that tidbit, I might not have to tiptoe too gingerly around him, should we find ourselves in the same location at the same time. Sounds like enough of you rubbed off on him as he was growing up to keep him from going completely insane. 🤪

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