Random Updates and Such

Well, twenty-four hours after my gut had me praying for death, I was mostly back to normal. And after five days of absence, the mutt returned home. So there were no permanent repercussions from the events discussed in my last post.

My houseguests have rearranged damn near every room in the house. I barely recognize the place these days. Whatever.

I’m still trying to turn my Parker 45 into a reliable writing instrument. The last ink to go through it was a cartridge of black Quink. Every day or so, I had to pressurize it a little and use a damp paper towel to restart it. Since it ran out, I’ve rinsed it, soaked it, and rinsed it again. And again. Water pushed through comes out clean. But if left on a paper towel with water inside the feed, a blue spot with reddish brown edges will appear within half an hour. The blue is presumably my previous ink choice, but what the red/brown is baffles me. I plan to continue this process until there is no color on the paper towel. Then I’ll refill it and see if it behaves any better.

I seem to have a pretty serious problem with ants outside the house. Sure, I saw them all the time when I was mowing, but I figured it was just one of those nature things. Well, houseguest’s friend brought a puppy over to play, and some time between playtime and going home time, it got into a nest of the fuckers, and ended up with bites all over its genitalia. Because of the sprogs, I have to do something, but I can’t go all Delbert McClintock. Instead, I am limited to kid safe options. Make that option, singular. Diatomaceous earth. Supposedly, it works well, but takes perseverance, especially initially. Guess how I’ll be spending my next day off.

I’m working on a new female situation, but at the moment it’s firmly entrenched in “hurry up and wait” land.  Which seems to be the story of most of my life.

I spent a significant sum preparing my home for the houseguests. Hopefully I’ll pick up a good chunk of overtime before the “six months, no interest” promotion expires. That or the price of silver rebounds. The average I paid for my portfolio is roughly double the current spot price.  Good time to buy. I’m just unable to do so. If neither happens, I’m going to owe a horrendous amount in finance charges.

Best friend is tying the knot soon. Poor, dumb schmuck. I envy him. The last ring I put on a lady’s finger was hocked six months ago to pay an electric bill. Or so the rumor goes. Fucking bitch. But I still love her in spite of that, and everything else.

ExRoomie recently bought a new laptop. It’s running windoze ten. She got used to Ubuntu Linux after I converted her over a decade ago, but she has a project or class or something that supposedly requires it. She keeps asking me questions. I can’t help her. I haven’t used a version since XP, not including the coughpiratecough version of 8.1 that I put on my laptop for the sole purpose of being able to update my GPS.

I will try to make it talk to the PC that has the printer attached to it. If I fail, she’ll just have to buy a WiFi enabled one that works for both operating systems. A multi-function inkjet, which is exactly what she has now, costs maybe fifty federal reserve notes. She can afford it.

They’ve changed the schedule for my machine at work. Now, I spend all but the last two hours of my shift making chemical adds and performing periodic and preventative maintenance. It’s much more physical, but I’m not dependent on others for my breaks. And best of all, everybody leaves me the fuck alone. I’ll put their ass to work, and I mean real work, not just watching the parts go around in circles and change colors.

Some people need a good killing. I’m not going to elaborate.

And that’s about it for today’s episode.

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2 Responses to Random Updates and Such

  1. bbuddha says:

    you let guest rearrange your rooms? Wow, way more hospitable than me.
    I recently updated my computer to 10, haven’t had any problems. It came with a new (to me) game, candy crush saga. I’m addicted.
    I haven’t had to print any thing as of yet. I try to avoid making paper copies of anything as it just piles up.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I let them rearrange the two rooms that they occupy as they wish, and common areas to make things safer for/from the kids. It’s likely to be a semi-long term thing, so I may as well make them feel at home.

      Congrats on your new addiction. πŸ˜€

      The printing issue isn’t specific to 10, it’s just a matter of making it and Linux talk across platforms. If google knows what it’s talking about, it should be possible completely through the GUI in the current iteration. Past attempts involved a hundred command line steps, and presumably I fucked up at least one every time, since I was never able to get it to work. I’ll find out as soon as she gets here and tells me the name of the network so I can configure the Linux side to match.

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s always nice to see you. πŸ™‚

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