They shut the plant down at 1730, just as the first snowflakes began to fly. Two to four inches is the latest prediction. I have a full load of work waiting for me, and I will be here until I finish, or until I get kicked out. It is just a little snow, for fuck’s sake!

PP called out again. That makes seven. Not sure his excuse this time. It couldn’t have been the weather. His shift ends at 1730.

UPDATE: Him gots the flu.

UPDATE 2: The wrong person saw that I was working after the plant was shut down and everyone sent home.  Plus Maintenance was replacing an air pump and managed to break the cooling water line for the rectifier in the process.  And they were in no hurry to repair it so I could get back to work.  So I shut the line down and am home getting ready to enjoy some spaghetti and TV with DN.  Yes the roads had snow on them.  Yes, it was easy to spin and slide.  It was also very easy not to, provided that one used the tiniest modicum of common sense.

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