Heat Wave

It has been unseasonably warm this week. It flirted with the century mark both of the last two days – reaching the mid-80’s by 10:00. I’m concerned about the rabbits. Part of their enclosure shelters them from the sun, but it is still hot inside. Whenever it is forecast to go over 85, I put two frozen 2-liter bottles and a frozen 12×12 ceramic tile inside each shelter and swap out their water bottles with frozen ones just before I go to bed in the mornings. I don’t know how much it helps, or for how long, though. Everything is at ambient temperature by the time I get up, and the bunnies are busy panting trying to keep cool. There is little more that I can do, though, so I just hope that they will be OK.

In other news, my air conditioner has been running nonstop from mid-morning until after the sun goes down, but can only manage to maintain 80-81 when it is upper 90’s outside. For a two-year-old home built to Energy Star specs, this should NOT be happening. It certainly didn’t the first two summers here. I’ll be calling the a/c guy this morning to have them come out and look at it ASAP. It happened right on schedule: The warranty expired less than a month ago.

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