This is the number that my scale displayed today when I stepped on it. I have a long way to go before I reach a healthy weight, but I am no longer morbidly obese, according to the “experts” who wrote the Body Mass Index standard.

Approximately three months ago, I weighed 236.5. I can’t say exactly when, since I haven’t been on very good terms with my scale for many, many years. The only thing that has changed since then is BigBoxRetailer. My job is essentially a medium-impact aerobic workout for seven and a half hours (nine hours minus two breaks of fifteen minutes each and an hour for lunch). Not to mention the fact that it keeps me away from my refrigerator all shift long.

I started monitoring my weight regularly when my pants started falling down even with my belt at its smallest adjustment. Today was a milestone of sorts – I’m out of the 200’s. My weight had settled in the 225 +/- 10 pounds range for the last seven years or so. I knew I was unhealthy, but I like to eat, and wasn’t ready for the lifestyle change that it would take to make any real impact. Sure, I made a few healthier changes: I switched to whole wheat products, including bread made with flour that I mill at home, I try to include such known healthy items like yogurt, I switched to Hellmans canola oil mayonnaise (tastes as good as any I’ve ever eaten, and believe me, I’ve consumed plenty of mayo in my lifetime, but has zero cholesterol and only half the calories), but never deemed myself ready for serious changes.

So far I still eat what I want, and generally however much of it that I want. For example, within the past week I have consumed a McDonalds chicken tender meal, super-sized (of course) with two apple pies for desert, two bags of deep-fried french fries that I cooked at home (over three sittings) with two tuna fish salad sandwiches at each sitting, half a dozen eggs with three thick slices of very liberally buttered toast (one sitting), along with my normal cereal, rice creations, pasta creations, yogurt, etc. that I usually eat.

In the face of this recent weight loss success, I think I might have to start actually working on portion control, which has been my biggest downfall in the past. I eat until I am uncomfortably full on a regular basis, and will go back and eat again as soon as the discomfort goes away – simply because I really like whatever it is that I’m eating. I am blessed with a fast metabolism, otherwise I’d have been 300+ by now.

My goal is to reach my maximum allowed weight when I was serving in the Air Force. The rules have changed since I was on active duty, and I think the max for my height is a little lower now, but I was allowed 164 at that time. That’s another 35 pounds away, but having already lost more than that amount (and the weight is still falling off) in less than three months without trying, I think a little effort on my part will pay huge dividends. Wish me luck.

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