Chicken feed went up another eleven percent in the last eight weeks. I bought five bags this time, which should last me until almost autumn. Delivery driver dropped one bag onto the corner of the porch/step (what? I had a free delivery coupon) and tore a small hole in it. Very little was lost and I’ll feed it next so no big deal. I told Tractor Supply that, specifically stating that I wasn’t asking for compensation but asked that they remind their drivers to be careful. They responded with a $20 gift certificate anyway.

I am once again an aircraft owner. Still waiting for some minor issues found during the pre-buy to be fixed so I can bring it home. And for my medical clearance to come through.

Not everyone sucks as a person. Today I stopped by my former sleep doctor’s office to get my records for the FAA. In the past they tended to suck administratively. Not today. They charged me for the records, as expected, but compiled a complete copy in about five minutes while I waited. I expected to be told that they’d mail them in a week or two since I simply walked in with the request.

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  1. c152flier says:

    Ok. From one pilot to another…… I expect pictures!

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