Local Medical and the Beer Virus

Yesterday I had my periodic dental checkup and cleaning. My dentist’s office is located an hour and twenty minutes of travel time from my current home. I have a history of issues with dentists so once I find one that I trust I tend to stick with them even if I move.

They still do check-in via text “for social distancing”. Once they were ready for me, they texted Please put your mask on and come on in. Joy. Looks like I need a new dentist. The statewide face diaper mandate expired back in May, and there is no local-level mandate in effect, so they can’t blame it on outside factors. It has to be an in-house policy.

An inspection of one’s teeth requires unrestricted access to the mouth, necessitating  the removal of any face covering prior to commencement of the procedure. Therefore, the only possible benefit from wearing one would be in the short time it takes to perambulate the twenty steps from the entrance to the exam room. If masks were beneficial.  Which they aren’t. At least not against a virus unless said mask is N95 or better. Even those are of questionable benefit.

I decided to challenge the policy when the doc (and owner of the practice) came in for his part of the exam. He hesitated before answering me. Finally, he admitted that it was for PR purposes. We had a brief conversation about it. I don’t know if he was being truthful or if he just told me what he thought I wanted to hear. He seemed sincere, but I’ve  never been good at reading people. He claimed that his staff has standing instructions to not challenge anyone who doesn’t want to wear one.

The thing that caused me to doubt his sincerity was was the mention of a mask in the text. Whether acting on their own or at his direction, wearing  one comes across as compulsory. If it was only a PR thing, he could post the door and let people choose. Those who wish to wear one can, the policy is posted as mandatory (so PR benefit is achieved) and staff keeps their fucking yap shut if someone ignores the sign. Lots of local places do that.

He’s not exactly local, though. Perhaps he’s too close to the liberal cesspools of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.  Or maybe he’s drunk on the koolaid and was simply trying to placate one of his domestic terrorist patients. Regardless, I’ll find a local guy for my next inspection. I might go back if I develop a problem that requires treatment. Maybe.

And then there was this morning. Ex (the one included on my list of the maybe twelve people on the planet that I don’t actively despise) was scheduled for a surgical procedure. The procedure location was in one of the aforementioned cesspools. I got her there at 0630 as instructed and accompanied her inside for check-in so I could secure her personal items once she no longer needed them. I dutifully wore the thicker of my mesh face diapers, trying to not be antagonistic. Cunt at the front door handed me one of the generic disposable masks and said that they require everyone to put on a fresh mask. She was gracious enough to say that I could wear it over my existing mask if I chose, but that I had to put it on.

I grumbled, rushed Ex through in-processing, took her shit and got the fuck out. Less than ten minutes and I already couldn’t see through my fogged up glasses and my annoyance level  was through the roof.  Why do people tolerate such stupidity, much less actively support it? It almost makes me wish that the damn virus was as deadly as they pretend it is. Almost. There are those twelve people after all.

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4 Responses to Local Medical and the Beer Virus

  1. Larry says:

    I hope the procedure went well at least.

  2. Johnny Web says:

    I had my second cataract surgery last week, and can see much much better now. I chose the “close up vision” option, so I’ll still need glasses to drive. I received an email from the “reloading” guy in Texas whining about all the crap that interfered with his business. Hell with him.
    Let’s Go Brandon. FJB. have a nice day.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Glad your surgery went well. Mine seems to have been successful as well, over a year later and my glasses still work. No comment about the TX reloading moron. You have a good day, too, good sir. Thanks for stopping by. FJB

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