I joined a Kubota tractor group on feces book a while back. I thought it would give me the opportunity to both learn new things and share what I’ve learned from all the shit I’ve broken the last year and a half. Generally, these kinds of groups stay on point.

About the worst shit I’ve seen is the handful of assholes who post, “That’s a stupid question” or similar to ignorant newbies who probably grew up in town, never saw a tractor up close until they decided to buy one, and also probably never did anything more mechanical than changing their tire (if that). Those people are going to ask questions that will seem stupid to those of us who grew up around farm equipment. I try to be patient with these folks. A select few other members of the group? Not so much.

Most members of this particular group tend to keep politics out of discussions, as that’s not the focus. Such things tend to devolve into shouting matches and defeat the supposed purpose of the group.

Personally, I hate Trump, and I didn’t vote for him in ’16. However, I will be voting for him this time if for no other reason than to piss off the commies who are currently trying to finish off our republic. But that is irrelevant to any conversations about tractors, so I keep my fucking mouth shut.

Others don’t seem to share my sentiment. One guy posted Trump 2020 and Trump Jr. 2024/2028 this morning. Nobody argued with him. Those who own tractors tend toward the conservative side of the political spectrum. Some did comment requesting that politics stay out of it. I made my own post on the subject:

Since everyone seems so easily butt-hurt and unable to have adult conversations that include civil disagreements nowadays, and because this group has its share of pricks who jump at any opportunity for conflict, I would respectfully request that we keep politics out of the group.

I tried to be somewhat humorous in my approach while not being directly critical of any individuals or political beliefs. I did, however, make my point clear. A couple stupid motherfuckers seemed to take it as a challenge.

Civil discourse and honest debate are extinct. Insults and name calling don’t win over anyone. (Although at this point, most people have probably decided which side they are on by now and are unlikely to be swayed by anything.) I’m tired of this. I can’t even talk tractors without it turning into a fight. I’m done.

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4 Responses to Politics

  1. hollychism says:

    There’s a reason I like the Monster Hunters group, and Sarah’s Diner (Sarah Hoyt’s group). Politics are nuked hard and in a hurry.

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