A Day Of Reckoning

It’s been insane around here the last week or so. First, it was the thing that I am still not ready to talk about. Then there were the two solutions out of nowhere to headaches that had been ongoing for some time.

Then today, I got the interview notice for my wife from Immigration. It’s scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving. Looks like I will be spending Thanksgiving 2014 on a fucking airplane over the Atlantic Ocean with a couple hundred of my closest and dearest friends. At least it’ll be over by then. The rest, assuming approval, will be up to her.

Hope I don’t catch Ebola.

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2 Responses to A Day Of Reckoning

  1. Want me to come house-sit while you are gone?

    I wish I could but something tells me the Yankee weather is not going to be travel friendly at that time.

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