I’m Playing Hooky Tonight

Last night was my first night back after three off.  Last week, the managers (salaried and hourly) got their collective panties in a wad, and had a meeting amongst themselves.  They went on and on about the usual bullshit, including teamwork, and not socializing with the working masses.  Of course, my hourly manager buddy bought me lunch the next day to tell me all about it.  Fuck ’em.

Anyway, back to why I’m skipping work tonight, and likely the two nights after that.  There are supposed to be three people who perform my job function.  Me, WTL and Nigger (before you have a fucking conniption, go here, about a third of the way down the page to see why the name fits).  A couple months ago, Nigger went back to dayshift, leaving just me and WTL.  Recently, they moved a stocker from the floor into the third position.

The salaried “assistant managers” cycle through third shift, doing six month rotations, then going back to days.  When I first started, I was told that unless I am specifically requested to do so, I don’t unload trucks.  My job is critical, and I seldom have time to finish everything before the end of the shift, even under the best of circumstances.  In contrast, anybody can pull a pallet jack.  The current management team has decided that it is more important for me to help unload trucks than it is for me to get my work done.  Although they want that, too.

Tonight, all three of us were working.  Normally, when I work with WTL, she pulls old freight from the freezer, dairy and meat coolers, and the general merchandise side of the store.  I pull all the consumable departments – grocery, paper, pets, health and beauty, cosmetics, etc.  I hate the fucking freezer, and WTL hates the sheer volume of freight that must be pulled in consumables, so it’s a good fit.  I’ve only worked with the new guy a couple times, so we haven’t had a chance to discuss the subject.

Well, last night, I logged on to the computer and found that I was assigned to the cold areas and to consumables.  Normally, there is more freight in consumables alone than there is in Cold and GM combined, so I was surprised to get that assignment.  WTL was only assigned to GM.  At this point, neither of us knew that the new guy was also working.  Frequently, second shift will help after they finish unloading their truck, but last night it was huge, so I wasn’t expecting any help from them.

Thinking it was a mistake, I logged into my normal Consumable assignment, grabbed a pallet, and headed to grocery.  Where I found the new guy.  OK, no problem, I’ll head to pets.  WTL had gone to find the manager, to ask if she needed to do Cold or not.  When she didn’t come back after half an hour, I figured out that I was indeed expected to do Cold.  So, I dropped the pet pallet I was working on, and headed to Siberia. Since I don’t normally do Cold, I don’t have a coat, hat or gloves in my locker, and they only have these parkas that are shared by everyone, that haven’t been laundered since the store opened about ten years ago.  In other words, I went in there with bare hands and short sleeves.  It didn’t help that I was already drenched with sweat from throwing bags of dog food.

I finished all the cold departments, and went back and finished pets.  Then I went to Health/Beauty/Cosmetics, to find that second shift had finished the truck, and were busy working on those.  I checked the handheld to see what other consumable departments still needed to be done.  Only candy and front-end merchandise, which the new guy was working on.  I don’t like sharing departments when it comes to pulling old freight.  I have my own routine and way of stacking freight on a pallet, and it can get confusing since the handheld doesn’t update in real time.  Therefore, I chose to “do unto others” and let them finish the departments that they were already working on.  I logged Consumables “complete” in the computer, and went to help WTL in GM.  Two minutes later, the AM paged me on the PA to call her.  I did, and she asked why I wasn’t still in Consumables, since it wasn’t complete.  I explained, and she seemed to accept it.

Listen, bitch.  You preach teamwork.  You expect me to help WTL if I finish before she does, even if my departments were supposed to take twice as long as hers (a common occurence).  Yet now, you’re more concerned which area I’m working in rather than whether the work is getting done or not.  Fuck you!  You’re a cunt, but I tolerated you better than the other oxygen thief who gave me a shitty review, because up until now, you left me the hell alone and let me do my job.  Now you want to micromanage?!?  Let’s see how you like it with just WTL tonight and nobody (except maybe the new guy) Sunday night.  I can afford the ding on my attendance record, and I prefer the days off to the cash at the moment.

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