Surveillance Update

Now that yesterday’s ultra-personal post has sent all my new readers scurrying for the exits, I’ll get back to writing normal stuff.  Please pardon the interruption.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

I picked up an HD webcam the other day, with plans to upgrade my rabbit monitoring setup.  The camera itself worked fine, but motion didn’t like it.  It was never able to capture a single jpeg.  The camera worked flawlessly with other programs, like skype and cheese.  I tweaked the motion config file for all I was worth, but I was never able to make it work.  The motion wiki proved to be zero help, so I ended up returning the camera.

I did learn a bit while playing with the config file, though.  I figured out how to change the resolution on the camera, and I learned that my current camera is capable of VGA resolution. For whatever reason, motion defaulted it to quarter-VGA, which led to tiny, almost unusable snapshots.  With the new settings, the snapshots are almost adequate, albeit disappointing when compared to the ones I captured with the HD camera.

I still haven’t dialed in the motion detection part of the program.  It senses motion by monitoring pixel changes.  If more than a set number of pixels change, the program starts saving snapshots.  I keep increasing the number of pixels, and just changed it to 2000.  If I increase it too high, it may ignore something that I don’t want it to miss.

At the most recent setting of 750 it averaged a little over three thousand snapshots per day.  That is a huge number to go through, especially when over ninety-five percent are nothing but the rabbits moving around.  The remainder are of care-taking activities – feeding, refilling water bottles, the relocation of excrement to the garden area, and so forth.  For now, the experiment continues.

I really hope that I’ve heard the last from the HOA Cunt™ (with apologies to cunts everywhere for the insult) on the matter, but I can’t imagine that she will just let it go.  Based on past experience with her, I would say that the chances for such an outcome are near zero.  I’ll keep y’all informed if there are any further developments.

In the words of the great Jefferson Davis:

All we ask is to be left alone.

This is my greatest wish.  That the world, and all the power-hungry folks in it simply leave me alone.

I just realized that, aside from the term HOA Cunt™, which may or may not count, I wrote an entire post without a single bit of profanity.  I know that A Girl will be disappointed.  I’m sorry, Sweetie.  Today, it just didn’t seem to be appropriate.  I will try to do better in the future.

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3 Responses to Surveillance Update

  1. Akgrrrl says:

    My husband and I are the same way. We just want to be left alone but there is always some nosey trouble maker within the area. There are a few of us who live out in the middle of nowhere and there is a reason for that.. Somehow some idiot finds their way down our driveway to be neighbourly. I can’t figure that out! .. Good luck with the cam and your friendly neighbourhood c#%t lol.
    P.S. A Girl is the wonderful lady who inspired me to come here and also to start bloging. She is so very awesome! Why can’t we have neighbours like her:)

  2. alaskan454 says:

    I get the feeling that we’d get along well as neighbors in meat-space, and I think that A Girl would certainly fit in “our” neighborhood.

    As previously promised, I’ll post updates if any excitement occurs.

    May I add your blog to my blogroll? I’m working on an update to my blogroll, adding several of my regular reads. Since you’re a regular commenter, and I like you, I thought I’d be polite and ask for your permission.

    For most, I’m not asking permission first. It’s my blog, and if’n I wanna link ’em, I damn well will. 😉

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