Lazy Co-workers and the Flag

I am working an overtime shift tonight. When I arrived at work, the flag was flying at half staff. Seems like it’s been there for a few weeks now. So I went digging. Here’s what I found.

12-16 May – US-wide to remember the one million Americans who have died with the beer virus. Yeah, whatever.

18 May – Sunrise to sunset at state facilities by order of the governor “in honor of the individuals who lost their lives and who were injured during a senseless act of racial violence on Saturday May 14 in Buffalo, New York.” Individuals, businesses, schools, etc. encouraged to do same. Fuck you, Cooper. Everything is racism to your side. Except when one of your precious negroes is the perpetrator. Then it’s crickets.

21 May – State level to mourn the passing of a former state representative. This one I won’t mock.

24-28 May – US-wide to mourn those lost at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas largely due to the blatant negligence, incompetence and sheer evil of the Uvalde Police force – who handcuffed parents who only wanted to try to rescue their own children, instead of doing their fucking job and going in to rescue the kids themselves.

30 May – US-wide half staff until noon, then raised to full staff (usual Memorial Day protocol). Again, no mocking.

That’s a lot of half-staff time, but none of this explains why ours is still there on 03 June. Our new leadership is lazy, incompetent, and generally worthless. None are veterans, even of today’s woke military. I guess I shouldn’t expect them to have a clue or care about flag protocol. America used to be a great country, full of patriots, and the American flag used to demand respect. Not anymore, I guess.


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2 Responses to Lazy Co-workers and the Flag

  1. Larry says:

    I could see yesterday (D-Day) as well. Question: does the flag get taken down overnight? (If not, is it illuminated?) If so, is the person(s) responsible for raising/lowering it know WTF they are doing?

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