New Bank Rant

Since when can someone not make a deposit into someone else’s account? I’ve been doing this for years, and as recently as last month. But just this past week, Bank of America insisted on ID for a deposit, and then refused the deposit when I wasn’t listed on the account. Withdrawals? Of course nobody else can do that. But deposits? What the ever loving fuck?

And my transition away from banks as depositories hit a bump this week. Last month, I purchased a money order to pay a government fee by mail in order to avoid spending hours in line to pay it in person. Well, the motherfuckers decided that the amount owed had changed between the time they sent the bill and when they received my payment. So they rejected the payment and returned the money order. Now I have to do the stand in line thing anyway, and I have to pay Western Union $15 to refund my $49 money order that .gov won’t take because it’s not for the correct amount.

Fuck banks and fuck the government.

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2 Responses to New Bank Rant

  1. Larry says:

    If someone wants to make a deposit to my bank account I’d let them. 😀

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