We’ve had a few mid-90s days this week, and lots of days in the upper-80s and low 90s this year. So far, my chicken coop heat abatement procedures seem to be working.

To review, I have a 90% UV blocking tarp suspended above the roof, with a notched 4″ PVC pipe across the peak ensuring an air gap between the material and the roof surface. It doesn’t quite cover the entire roof, but does block approximately 85% of it.

Above that, I stretched a larger 60% UV blocking tarp. It does cover the entire roof and front (fully exposed to morning sun). I also have another 90% tarp on baling twine suspended just below roof level in front of the coop. Only about 8″ of the front gable isn’t double-protected, but it is covered by the larger 60% tarp.

Inside, I cut an 8″ hole in the rear gable where I mounted a 1500-cfm shop blower/ventilator. I used foam insulation to ensure a good seal, secured it in place, set it on high and hooked it up to a timer to run from 0730 until 1830. The ground-level opening to the run provides the source of air that replaces what the blower expels.

These measures have so far kept the interior temperature of the coop to no more than ten degrees above ambient. The highest I’ve seen was 97 this morning while exposed to full sun and the ambient temperature was 89. It got up to 95 today, but by then the sun was on the opposite side of the house, putting the coop in partial shade and only 90 degrees inside.

Last year when my dumb ass finally realized that it was the heat killing my birds, after number seven of ten expired, I started monitoring the temperature. I saw it regularly hit the 120s, and nearly 140 at least once with ambient temperatures in the 80s to 90s. Ambient plus ten is quite the improvement. Hopefully I won’t lose any to the heat (or anything else) this year.

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1 Response to Chickens

  1. Jin Chiang says:

    Could your flock enjoy some Dippin’ Dots to cool down? My lady friend said, “Cows don’t dispense ice cream!” Maybe not then.

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