Broken Record

I know I’m beating a dead horse. But the point needs to keep being made. Chicken feed went up another two percent this week, $13.99 to $14.29 for my usual forty-pound bag. A forty-six percent increase in less than fourteen months.

And motor fuel is at an all-time high – locally $4.39 for regular gasoline and $5.39 for diesel. That’s a 225+% increase since election day 2020, roughly eighteen months ago.


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2 Responses to Broken Record

  1. Jin Chiang says:

    Yeah, regular gas is $4.90 and diesel is $5.60 here.

    Two men stole money from an ATM after peeling it like an orange. Wonder if that would have happened without inflation.

    Can chickens eat suet cakes like chickadees? Maybe you can make your own and supplement their feed if your butcher just trims and discards the fat.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Ouch. But it makes so much more sense to pay someone else more money to produce the same amount of oil elsewhere, then burn even more oil getting it here than to allow domestic production to continue. /sarcasm

      Good question. Probably not, and I’ll lay a good chunk of the blame for that at Brandon’s feet too.

      I’m sure they can. Chickens can eat almost anything. When we had them in my youth, all they ever got was kitchen scraps. Thing is, with it being just the two of us, there aren’t enough scraps to support nine birds. I can afford the higher prices, and they produce well on it, I was just using it as a relevant-to-me example of bidenflation.

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