Fuck Joe Biden

It’s time for what is becoming a regular feature here – a FJB moment. Today I bring you the restaurant edition.

Yesterday morning, for the first time in a couple of months, Wife and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Their menu has changed. Not only has both our usual breakfasts increased twenty percent in price, but they also cut one of the sides from both. “Nothing comes with grits anymore,” said the slow-assed cunt who served us. Grits are available, but if you want them, either you give up another side to get them, or pay extra as an additional side. When the check came, I learned that there is now also a surcharge for plain hash browns when ordered instead of their hashbrown casserole. I blame Brandon. If they’d quit fucking with energy prices, promoting wars, and burning down food processing plants, shit would be different.

Also this week, we went to our usual Mexican joint. Before, we always went during lunch. This time it was during supper hours. Wife always gets their arroz con pollo and asked for the smaller lunch portion. “Sure, but it’ll be a dollar more,” replied our waitress. Yes, they charge extra for a smaller portion. I’m blaming Zero II’s administration for this too, although I’m kinda fuzzy on the logic behind it.

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1 Response to Fuck Joe Biden

  1. c152flier says:

    Agreed!!! FJB

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