Fun Times

Sunday was Mother’s Day. We had our usual gathering of siblings at our mother’s home in western/central Virginia. All seven of us siblings made it, at least for a couple hours. It had a unique flavor, as the youngest in attendance was my niece who is in her upper thirties. My other niece who usually brings her brood ranging from toddler to teenager was absent due to health issues. The absence of children was the first in many years, if not ever. It wasn’t better or worse, just different. I enjoyed the visit.

The younger of my sisters is rather recently engaged, and brought her new man to meet us. I think it went well. He seems like a good, upstanding sort. He probably didn’t appreciate my vulgar vocabulary, but such is life. Sis also got to meet Niece’s man (who she started dating weeks after last Mother’s Day). Not sure her opinion of him, or Sis’s guy’s opinion of us. I’m too old and jaded to give a fuck what other people think of me, but at the same time I want my family happy and I don’t want to embarrass them with my behavior.

I did cause some apprehension for Niece’s guy on the way home (we carpooled). After they got home, he told her that I wandered out of my lane at times, and got pretty close to a guard rail during one section. The guard rail statement was accurate, but only because the geniuses who designed the road put said guard rail three inches from the white line at the edge of the road. Had I not gotten close to it, I wouldn’t have stayed in my lane. Now I freely admit that I can’t see for shit at night. And since my corneal cross-linking procedures in 2020, my eyes are particularly sensitive to light. This combines to make night driving difficult. Everyone seems to have their high beams on, and if the lines on the road aren’t well-maintained, I’m like, “There’s a road out there somewhere, hope I stay on it.” But only the last hour was in the dark, so I don’t know what dude was whining about.

The rest of the week was mostly uneventful. I worked around the house some – mowed, weeded the garden, took care of the livestock and working animals and similar. I did finish the second pass on the neighbor’s garden after they got the manure down. No idea why they wanted it done both before and after, but they pay and I do. Took Wife to the airport on Wednesday. Worked an overtime shift on Thursday. Life goes on.

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