And It Continues

Thursday was Captain’s last shift. Before he left, he asked me to work Friday night. Since I’m taking Sunday off in order to attend our annual family reunion, making me twelve hours short for the week, I agreed. Aside from unsuccessfully avoiding some showers coming in, the day was uneventful.

We have both a new captain and a new sergeant. I met the captain briefly Friday afternoon. Seems like a decent kid, doesn’t give off any indication of wanting to rock the boat. I haven’t met the sergeant, and probably won’t. As long as they don’t fuck with my schedule or annoy me too often for overtime, I don’t care if I never meet/see them again. Miss Busybody has some opinions on both, but I have to take everything she says with a grain of salt.

I really need to ease up on the Benelli. The last tank’s mileage was 70. Most of that was on main roads, unavoidable for where I wanted to go, and it’s safest to match speed to the extent possible in traffic. Back roads are my norm and much more relaxed.

An accident happened right in front of me coming in to work this morning. A car was coming around a curve towards me, ran off the road to their right, overcorrected across and off the road on my side, and took out their driver’s front fender on a tree. I was sure they were going to hit the tree head on, but they just clipped it. Speed didn’t seem to be excessive.  I had enough time to see it, slow down and be prepared to dodge if necessary (it wasn’t), and roll by as they were still coming to a stop. I was cruising along at a comfortable 45. If I’d been on it hard, I might’ve been caught up in the middle of it.

I would’ve stopped to make sure everyone was okay had there been a significant impact, but basically it was an unexpected off roading adventure with moderate damage to the vehicle but little chance of serious injury. I’m sure all occupants needed fresh underwear afterward though.

Miss Busybody (covering today for new girl) is off her rocker. It seems that the second shift dude sent her a text a month-ish ago. “I have a crush on you. I’d like to get together. If you’re not interested, don’t respond, but if you are, let me know. We could have a good time.” At least that’s all she shared. Nothing explicit or vulgar, and no repeated follow-ups (although he supposedly sent something similar a couple years ago). She’s obviously not interested and now they aren’t speaking beyond absolutely necessary passdown communication.

And of course she needed to share the whole fucking story with me. She seems to think that it’s inappropriate enough to get him fired if she takes it to HR. If that’s all there was and it was just one time, I see no issue. They are equals in position, so no possible favoritism. I don’t see that as general sexual harassment either. I must be missing something. I mean it’s obviously bad idea on a personal level, especially for dude since he’s married, but subject to discipline or termination? I just don’t see it. Not that I give a fuck.

And that is all.

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