Holy Greed CVS

Wife has recently started showing signs of allergies to dogs during her recent visits to family members who have animals. She is fine for a day or two, but develops congestion around day three and continues for the duration of her visit and several days after she gets home. Yesterday she finally got clearance from her doc to try antihistamines for it. The only such in the house was benadryl, which she took last night.

Today I went to CVS to get her some generic Claritin to try. We were both shocked at the price, but I figured it was Brandon’s fault that I had to pay $16.99 for a 20-pack. Then we checked the big box stores. Walmart sells a 45-count for $6.24 and Target sells a 30-count for $5.89 – both the smallest size available larger than a 10-count. Averaging those prices comes out to sixteen cents per pill compared to CVS’s eighty-five cents. I knew CVS was high, but 530% more? Fuck that. I would’ve gone the extra three miles and braved the People of Walmart if I’d known.

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