Let’s Go Brandon!

Tractor Supply Producer’s Pride 40-pound bag of layer mini pellet chicken feed.

29 March 2021 $9.79

16 April 2021 $10.79

01 May 2021 $10.99

15 May 2021 $11.49

13 June 2021 $11.99 (at this point, I started buying in quantity)

06 September 2021 $12.29 (I bought even more this time, then switched to an all-flock feed suitable for both the laying hens and the growing juveniles in early 2022)

21 March 2022 $12.79

Today, 04 May 2022 it’s $13.99

Fifty-seven weeks to go from $9.79 to $13.99. A forty-three fucking percent increase in just over thirteen months. Fuck this senile old bag of bones and his handlers with rusty barbed wire soaked in alcohol-based Carolina Reaper pepper sauce.

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2 Responses to Let’s Go Brandon!

  1. hollychism says:

    A box of five dozen eggs has gone from less than $5/box to almost $15/box in less than a year.

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