I need to climb inside one and not come out. Actually I kinda did the first half of that yesterday.

As mentioned in my last post, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday morning. No idea why, but I was grumpier than usual and cantankerous as hell from the moment I gained consciousness.

They say exercise helps, so I accompanied Wife on her daily walk. Didn’t help. So I went on a beer run. By 1430, I was imbibing. Shortly thereafter I had achieved a distracting buzz. I maintained this for a bit. Then around 1700 I decided that maybe a motorcycle ride would further improve my mood. I stopped drinking. By 1830, my BAC was down to half the legal limit. I went on my ride.

I returned home at 2000, my outlook somewhat improved. Most of the ride was at wide open throttle, as has been most of the time spent on the Benelli since passing the break-in mileage. Speaking of which, the last refuel indicated 74 miles per gallon. I guess WOT burns disproportionately more fuel than 70-85% throttle. And it won’t do a lot more than 55 miles per hour on level ground. Occasionally it’ll approach 60 without an obvious downslope, but there’s no danger of making it to redline in top gear absent a seriously steep downhill run. I did smell hot metal a few times yesterday when I stopped (part of my run justification was to report local gas prices to GasBuddy) but there’s no temperature indicator so I don’t know just how hot it got. It’s both air and oil cooled, with a radiator-style oil cooler mounted on the leading edge of the frame, so it should do okay even with only 1.1 quarts of total oil capacity.

I decided to finish the beer when I got home, as I’d only consumed about half of what I bought before the break for the bike ride. Mission accomplished. I woke up this morning with my usual mood and outlook.

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