Doctor Grumpy

…is a fucking idiot.

He’s a decent source of humor, but has recently shown his true colors. He seldom posts anymore anyway, but I for one am done with the liberal, incompetent fuck. I’m not going to link him, but he can be found at drgrumpyinthehouse (dot) blogspot (dot) com.

First was his post back in November insisting that face diapers are the cure to everything that ails the world and how awesome it was that his receptionist threw out someone who refused to wear one. I won’t belabor that argument here. If you still think that underwear protects you from smelling flatulence, then I can’t help you and won’t try to change your mind.

Today the dumb fuck (yes, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, go fuck yourself) posted about his recent super-scary experience. He was on call over the weekend and responded to a patient who’d had a stroke while playing golf. While searching for the patient’s wallet, this happened.

As I find and pull out the wallet a handgun – with the safety off – falls out of another pocket and lands on the floor with a loud THUNK. Me and 2 nurses freeze for a second, afraid it might go off.

So he’s a fucking idiot who thinks paper surgical masks protect from virus exposure, and guns just go off all by themselves. But he’s one of the smart ones.

I hate people.

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