Saturday night into Sunday was annoying. Saturday I worked with Miss Busybody Gotta Bitch About Everything, who whined about other officers not doing their patrols by the book, adjusting thermostats, stealing her coffee creamer… Then Sunday I was stuck with Mister Unable to STFU, who had to rehash for the umpteenth time how our younger guards simply don’t give a shit and can’t be bothered to show up when they are supposed to, as well as a lengthy tirade about Miss Busybody. At least the shifts themselves were unremarkable, since the facility was closed for Easter.

I refueled the Benelli on Sunday. I verified the newly calibrated speedometer/odometer with GPS mapping data, and the actual calculation was again back in the 80s. 85.7 miles per gallon, to be exact. I don’t know if it was the octane booster (I didn’t run it in the first tank), the relatively consistent speed of the DMV run, the fact that the motor is breaking in and therefore loosening up a little, or what. Regardless, I’m impressed with the little machine. Even if the Honda Grom supposedly gets 100+.

Monday was cold and rainy almost all day. In fact, I barely made it home Sunday night before the skies opened – I pushed the Benelli harder than I should have to make sure that I only experienced a few sprinkles. I managed to get a few errands taken care of on Monday despite the rain. Finally around 1600, the rain stopped. The mercury topped out at 47 for the day. At 1628, Captain texted and asked if I could come in and work. Sarge supposedly had a medical appointment that ran late and wasn’t going to make it. I cussed the whole time, but I threw on a uniform and headed in. I clocked in at 1701. Before he left, Captain let slip that he’s leaving, and would make it official on Wednesday. Gonna be interesting to see who they bring in to replace him.

Tuesday was chilly but dry. I installed the sediment filter on the irrigation system and got the first pass on crackhead neighbor’s garden done. Then I got messaged that it was Sarge’s last day. Seems the cancer diagnosis is confirmed and rumor has it they only gave him six months. I agreed to take his shifts for the rest of this week. After that, corporate better have someone to fill the slot. Over the last three months, I’ve averaged almost as many hours as I worked before I “retired” and I’m tired of it.

Wednesday and Thursday were errand days in addition to the work shifts. Uneventful all, but glad to have certain ones done and out of my hair. I refueled the Benelli again on Thursday, even though it wasn’t as low as I usually run it. 106.5 miles on 1.39 gallons. Back to 76.6 miles per gallon. I guess that “outrun the rain” near full-throttle run home Sunday night used more fuel than I expected.

By Friday, my ass was tired. I don’t know why. All I’d done all week was maintenance for the cats and chickens, eat, sleep and work. And work is hardly exhausting. Saturday was more of the same – work, eat, sleep.

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