Further Correction – Edited

Edit: I found a programming procedure and recalibrated the cluster. It displays within 1 mile per hour now.

It’s not just the odometer on the Benelli that is inaccurate. The entire cluster is out of calibration. My aforementioned 60MPH? Per GPS, it’s really only 52. So I’ll have to revise the performance numbers as well as the fuel economy.

Actual top speed assuming redline in top gear will be 65. When I thought I was running 55? 48. My 45MPH cruise at 6K on the tach – where I try to stay at or under during break-in when I’m not holding up traffic? 38-39. It still runs circles around the Yamaha, and slightly outperforms the advertised specs on the Honda Grom, which is pretty much the standard for the class. But this revelation is disappointing after believing the displayed data for so long.

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