Benelli Fuel Mileage – Edited

Edit: I found a programming procedure and recalibrated the cluster. It displays within 1 mile per hour now.

I just couldn’t believe the 86 miles per gallon that I reported in my last post. So I dug deeper. The amount of fuel was accurate – pumps are regularly calibrated and tested, with stiff penalties for inaccuracies. And I filled the tank to the same point in the neck of the tank as before. I even included the two ounces of octane booster in the fuel quantity for calculation purposes. That left the odometer.

I knew the trips I’d made, but the known distances for these trips were for the most direct routes, not the back road routes that I actually took. Even allowing for this, I came up with a significantly smaller number of miles traveled than the odometer claimed. So on the way home from work tonight, I performed a test. I noted the odometer reading at work, took the direct route with a known mileage home, and then noted the odometer reading when I got home. The known distance for that route is 9.4 miles, but the odometer recorded 10.6 miles. That requires a correction factor of 0.887.

So the 133 miles the bike thought it traveled on the first tank of gas was really only 118 miles. The 1.534 gallons of fuel registered by the pump is presumed accurate. The two ounces of octane booster is another 0.016 gallons, for a total of 1.55 gallons of fuel consumed. 118 miles on 1.55 gallons is 76 miles per gallon. Still pretty damned impressive. Just not quite as impressive as the previously reported 86.

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