2022, Week 14

This past week was slightly less energetic. I did the tractor job on Monday, as planned. Despite some leftover surface roots that I expected to wreak havoc, things went much better and more quickly than I anticipated. Both husband and wife appeared happy with the result. I cut the quoted price by a third to reflect the easier and shorter time.

It rained a good portion of Tuesday through Thursday, so I stayed inside for most of those days. During that time, quite a few jalapeños, several habaneros and a couple Reapers sprouted. A few of the tomatoes were looking less enthusiastic about life than they were last week, but after increasing what I thought was already an absurd amount of watering (I’ve pulled up at least fifty mushrooms) they perked back up. Drowning them is now the new plan.

By the end of next week I should have everything that is going to germinate. My primary tasks for next week are final preparation of the garden space and upgrade/testing of the irrigation. I’ll probably also plant the first crop of radishes and maybe some carrots. There’s still a frost risk until the end of the month, but radishes are hardy enough to survive any such event. I’ll transplant the stuff I’ve started indoors and plant the rest around the first of next month. 

Most of the young ladies are now laying. I collected a total of sixteen eggs the past two days from nine hens – six young, three older. Several eggs were still quite small, but some of the smaller ones were a solid medium by commercial standards. I’m quite pleased. Not only are they all laying a full month earlier than I expected, but the size is rapidly increasing. I thought maybe some tiny eggs would start showing up the end of this month, and maybe by June they’d make medium. Based on current events, I now anticipate all to be large/extra-large by mid-May, just like those from their older cousins. 

I got stuck working Friday night again. Initially they asked me to work 0800-1200, to which I grudgingly agreed. However, upon learning details of the need, I was able to wrangle a full second shift instead. I despise working first shift because of the client staff, and I’m seldom awake naturally before 0900, so I was very happy to change that to 1600-0000. I didn’t want to work at all, but I really didn’t want to get up at 0700 for half a shift. I managed to get the yard mowed before I came in, so that’s one less thing to interrupt my planned garden prep next week. 

The Benelli (micro-motorcycle, mini-bike, or whatever you want to call it) is doing well. It’s still in the first half of its break-in period, but has proven itself a more than capable machine. Fifty-five miles per hour on level ground carrying my fat ass is no struggle. I have little doubt that it’ll go to redline in top gear, which will be in the neighborhood of seventy-five miles per hour. I have no intention of testing this theory any time soon, and it’s not like I’d try to maintain that speed for an extended period of time even after break-in anyway. But it’s good to know that it can do it.

On hills where the Yamaha dropped into the high twenties, the Benelli holds forty-five in top gear. I could probably maintain fifty-five if I used gears and pushed to redline, but there’s no need for that kind of abuse. And it does all this on much less fuel. The first tank of gas got me 86 miles per gallon. Mileage will likely improve after break-in, so she’s probably going to post some really impressive numbers in the coming months. Although the ability to wring it out will likely offset some of the gain.  

Speaking of the Yamaha, I have parts order to repair it. Twenty-eight federal reserve notes for all the gaskets and o-rings. The dealer was going to charge over sixty dollars. And I paid retail and shipping to a Yamaha dealer for said parts. Now to wait for delivery, and then make time in my schedule to fix it. If the book calls for six hours, it’ll probably take me fifteen, but that’s only three short days. If I can get people to let me stay retired for three days.

We finally got a new hire last week to replace the dude who left a couple months ago. And the entitled nineteen year old cunt is already demanding first shift hours despite being told at hire which shift she was being hired for. And she agreed to take an overtime shift on Friday, but backed out the night before – hence me having to work. She pulled a no-show today (Saturday) but supposedly will be here for her shift tomorrow. I’m not taking that bet. At least when they fuck up this early, it’s not usually very hard to get rid of them. She has a privileged amount of melanin content in her skin, though, so we’ll see.

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