It’s Been A Week

I’m supposed to be retired. Retirement is supposed to be laid back in comparison to one’s working life. Such has not been the case for me this week.

Wife was out of town, so I went to visit a friend of Ukrainian origin who was taking the week off in order to burn some use-or-lose vacation time, and who needed a distraction from the current festivities in her home country. As noted in my last post, I effectively blew up the scooter getting there and wasted most of Tuesday recovering my truck to transport it back home. I stayed there through Wednesday, just hanging out and chatting, returning home late that night.

Thursday was bike day when I both learned the fate of the Yamaha and bought the Benelli. During all that, my rent-a-cop boss reached out and begged me to work the 1600-0000 shift that night and the next. It seems the site sergeant is having a cancer scare, and the captain had to take his chronically ill wife to medical appointments both days, leaving us in quite the spot. I agreed for Thursday and promised to try for Friday.

I’d already committed to spread fifty yards of gravel for a neighbor on Friday, and I didn’t know if I’d finish early enough to work the shift. As it turned out, I did complete the job in time, although it made for a really long day. While at work, another neighbor contacted me, needing an estimate for some tractor work. I agreed to stop by Saturday morning before work. That meant another short night, but I feel like I need to feast on the tractor work while it is available.

They recently had a dozen or so trees removed from their front yard, and need the ground tilled in preparation for sowing grass seed. I quoted a price, they agreed, and I scheduled them for Monday. So in five days I’ll have worked forty hours as security, done two tractor jobs, and not accomplished a damn thing otherwise.

Well, that last sentence isn’t quite true. I started five different types of seeds indoors a week and a half ago – regular tomato plants, cherry tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, habanero peppers and Carolina Reaper peppers. The tomato seeds were from last year, so I didn’t expect much. Approximately eighty-five percent of both varieties sprouted this week. Hopefully the peppers will follow suit in another week or so.

And in other news, one of my little girls has started laying at just over four months old. The tiny little eggs started showing up this past week as well.

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1 Response to It’s Been A Week

  1. hollychism says:

    Get some damn rest! You’re making ME tired!

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