Yookers Youth Felt Tip Pen Review

I saw this pen on my former go-to supplier for all things fountain pen. I say former because I still haven’t been able to get the bad taste out of my mouth since their public endorsement of BLM last year. But that’s neither here nor there.

I love fountain pens, but a metal nib refuses to transfer ink onto some surfaces. Having a “normal” pen for these situations is necessary. When I saw the Yookers Youth Refillable Felt Tip pen line, I had to try one. Theoretically, it would give me the ability to use all my cool inks in a format that would write on glossy receipt paper and such like. They sell them in different sizes, and I chose the smallest at 0.8mm. I’m partial to fine lines when it comes to writing.

It uses what is known in the business as standard international cartridges/converters and comes with a few cartridges in the package. It inks easily enough and writes like a normal felt tip pen. It does dry out if unused for a day or two, even capped, especially if stored tip up, as is the usual practice. That’s where my problems began. After one such occurrence, I instinctively pressed slightly to get it writing again. Huge mistake. The tip is extremely fragile and split apart as soon as even a small amount of pressure hit it. Well, shit.

They do sell replacement tip sections (gee, I wonder why) for eight federal reserve notes each. I ordered two. Because two is one, and one is none. After the first failure, I went out of my way to be gentle. If it failed to write, I would work with it to get it going again. Usually, all that is needed is to let it sit capped and tip down for a few minutes. If one is less patient, exerting pressure on the converter or cartridge will push fresh ink through to the tip.

Yesterday at work, I was using it to log in a truck when I felt the tip give way. It just snapped off. I wasn’t holding any extra pressure on it, just enough to keep the paper against the clipboard. I’m now on my third tip, but my first ink cartridge. I can’t recommend this pen. It inks easily and writes well, until it disintegrates. Marketing it as a youth product is even more problematic given its fragility, as young folks tend to be less careful with things. I’d try a larger tip, but the 0.8mm already puts down more than enough ink. A larger tip would almost certainly cause bleed-through, especially on thinner/cheaper paper. Which is precisely the application for which I purchased the product.

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4 Responses to Yookers Youth Felt Tip Pen Review

  1. hollychism says:

    I’ve seen roller-ball pens that use fountain pen cartridges…

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