Let’s Go Brandon

Gas was $3.77 when I went to work Sunday morning. By the time I got off that night, it was $3.89. I  went out briefly on Monday, and saw $3.95. Late yesterday morning (Tuesday) when I headed out of town, it was $3.99. By 1700, it was $4.19. That’s eleven percent in less than sixty hours. That’s on top of the steady increase from $1.89 in November of 2020 when FJB was installed. Diesel is worse. $2.64 upon installation. $3.99 two weeks ago.  $5.19 this morning. 

I don’t drive much. 19 miles round trip work commute Saturdays and Sundays.  At least one 8-mile round trip to/from the convenience center (dump). On average, 2-3 20-25 mile trips into town per week for some errand or another.  So call it 100 miles a week.  Wife’s car gets about 25 miles per gallon, and my truck around 13 for this kind of driving. So four gallons of regular unleaded if the wife isn’t elsewhere making her car unavailable to me, eight gallons of diesel if I take the F250. At Trump prices, that was $7.50 – 21.00. Today, $16.75 – 41.50. Fuck that.

I predict $5.50 for unleaded and $7.00 for diesel within a month, and it’ll probably stay in that vicinity for the rest of the year. That’s $22-56.

Yesterday I bought a 2009 Yamaha Vino 125 scooter for $1400. It supposedly gets somewhere between 55 and 90 miles per gallon. At today’s prices, that’s $4.65 – 7.60 if I ride it exclusively for the week. That’s at least nine bucks a week saved, and since at least half of the time now I drive the truck, effectively it’ll be closer to twenty-three. Call it a year and I’ll save the purchase price. Nine months if my prediction is accurate.

The Vino isn’t bad. It’s not a 50cc DUI-mobile that struggles to run 30MPH down a steep hill. It accelerates reasonably well to about 30MPH, but 45 is about all it’ll do on level ground carrying my fat ass. I did get 55 (the advertised top speed when new) coming down a good hill. Coming back up the same hill, though, it was at 35 by the time it got to the top. It’ll do for the aforementioned driving. I’ll do what I must for longer distances or cargo missions. I’ll update after I’ve ridden it a few times real world.

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4 Responses to Let’s Go Brandon

  1. Larry says:

    I think I’m going to have to get the Suzuki back to running again.

  2. hollychism says:

    Saw a semi with the sentiment behind the euphemism scrawled across the back of the trailer on the interstate, last weekend. Made me smile hard.

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