Fun at Work

I came in to work yesterday to find the following printed out and taped to the wall next to the phone:

It has come to my attention that no one is monitoring the cameras on their shift. Last night, 1/25/22 about 2330 the cameras for the annex went down, yet no one reported it or notified anyone. Also if you had been monitoring cameras you would have seen the vehicle parked in a reserved space, that’s not supposed to be there. Security Team that is our job.

I don’t know if it was the captain that posted the note, the sergeant, the client liason, or someone else. Whoever it was didn’t have the balls to sign it.

I was on duty at the time referenced. I was covering for the captain, who couldn’t manage to drag his lazy ass back to work after an alleged death in his wife’s family. I word it that way because he’s been laying out a lot lately – sick kid, sick wife, sick of work, something. I don’t really give a fuck. Generally, I’ll cover second shift during the week if asked, regardless of who is out or why. But that note pissed me off for a number of reasons. I wrote multiple responses, and even printed one out and taped it to the bottom of the note. Then I decided I didn’t have a spare fuck to give and removed it. But I will vent here.

First of all, blanket statements using no one, everyone, all, none or similar terms are almost always bullshit in a work environment. And are always an indicator of poor leadership. Even my dumb ass knows that, and the highest leadership position I ever attained was a team leader for a team of four, including myself.

Second, if the time of the event in question is known, and there was only one motherfucker on duty at that time, then you know who is to blame. Talk to them privately, and make any public proclamations vague and general enough to get the point across without identifying and thereby pissing off the culprit. Another poor leadership call, regardless of how badly you may have just gotten your ass chewed. Which likely wasn’t at all. Nobody gives that much of a fuck about a cluster of cameras covering a building used for storing a bunch of shit that should’ve been thrown away decades ago that less than ten people access in any given month.

I was trained to pull up the cameras covering the busiest areas on the available monitors, and use one monitor to look at some of the low traffic areas randomly as I had time during the shift. That’s precisely what I do. I spend more time looking at those damn monitors than anything else. I rarely pull up the cameras in question, but I had noticed that they were offline probably around 2000 that evening. I had to do a walk-around of the facility by 2030, so I decided to wait and check them again when I got back. If they were still offline at that time I would’ve put in an IT ticket then. But I completely forgot about them after that until I saw the notice yesterday. I’m old. I forget shit. No real harm done, and I’d have owned it had I been approached privately.

Then this asshole, whoever it is, had to bitch about a vehicle parked in a reserved space. He didn’t even say which space. And contrary to what he said, no you can’t see if someone is parked where they aren’t supposed to be on the cameras. You can see if there are vehicles parked in the two general areas where the reserved spaces are, but there are unreserved spaced adjacent to them, and you can’t tell which is which, or if it is a visitor space or a handicap space without going outside and looking in person.

We have five different kinds of reserved spaces. Handicapped require a placard or plate. The rest are less obvious. Visitor spaces should be empty if there are no visitors signed in as on site, but no vehicle information collected upon sign-in, so no way to know what they are driving or where they parked. The other three types are authorized only, United Way and another fundraising reward spot. To my knowledge, no list exists that says what vehicles are allowed to use which spaces on which shifts. The company minivan takes one of the AO spots. No idea about the others. My approach is I don’t give a fuck as long as nobody else complains that their space is taken. I’m not a fucking meter maid.

Basically, I’ve decided that I don’t give a fuck. I can’t expect much from site supervision. They only pay Sarge $10.50 an hour and Captain gets a whopping $12-something. Not gonna get cream of the crop for those wages. And the client liason is the incompetent knee-jerk justify-his-job dipshit fuckwad of a safety guy that I’ve despised since about three seconds after I first laid eyes on him several years ago when they hired him. I could raise hell. I mean, what can they do? At worst they fire me, but Captain has admitted that he can’t even discipline people out of fear that they’ll get mad and quit. And I don’t need the fucking job anyway so a firing wouldn’t upset me in the least. But it ain’t worth it.

People are idiots.

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2 Responses to Fun at Work

  1. hollychism says:

    Can you hand the note off to the captain and mention it almost had you quitting from spite?

    • alaskan454 says:

      I could if I ever see him, but he’s M-F so we never cross paths unless I work OT during the week. Which I think has come to a screeching halt. Y’all haven’t frozen to death yet, I see. That’s good.

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