I lost another pen this week. The second of three Parker Vector pens that I bought some years ago. One was damaged not long after I acquired the trio, and this one disappeared between home and work yesterday.

State Farm has decided that my antique pickup chassis dump truck must be insured as a commercial vehicle and has to be on its own (significantly more expensive) policy, despite its age and my complete lack of an active business*. Greedy fucks.

I put in 48 hours at work this week. I’m supposed to be retired. Damn the boss’s father-in-law for dying and making that necessary.

If you order food for delivery to your workplace, either prepay so they can drop it off and go or make sure your ass meets the delivery driver when they arrive. I hate watching these poor bastards wait around for fifteen minutes or more while you drag your lazy, inconsiderate ass up front to pay for the seven dollar sandwich you just had to have right fucking now – but couldn’t be bothered to come pay for until the spirit moved you. And a half-assed apology and an extra dollar tip doesn’t make up for it.

I’m failing at my most recent weight loss attempt. Mostly because I like to eat. Eventually I’ll succeed. Or I’ll die fat. Probably the latter.

The companion dog to the one I dispatched last year has a new friend, and they have been visiting daily for a week. Today I had the building doors open so the girls could get some real daylight until I had to go to work, and the dogs eyeballed them for quite a while before coming up onto the back porch and nosing around. They didn’t raise any hell, so I didn’t know until I checked the video later.

Mother Nature pushed the fence project down the priority list. I might have to suck it up and do it regardless, as I’d prefer that to having to dispatch and bury more canines.

*Sure, I’d like to do some tractor work, and I put a few signs out. But I’ll be shocked if I get enough work from the effort to pay for the signs. Much less recover the cost of a single six-month insurance premium.  (This paragraph is supposed to be a smaller font, but upon publishing it reverted to the normal size. I guess WordPress is worth precisely what I’m paying for it. It’s certainly not worth any more.)
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5 Responses to Random

  1. hollychism says:

    Might be time to insurance shop.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I figure they’ll all do such, given that the VIN comes back as “incomplete vehicle” which is how they label everything that gets a third-party bed/body. Plus it’s wife’s insurance company/agent that she’s had fir forever and won’t leave. And part of our fiscal arrangement is that she pays all the insurance on all the vehicles and the house (I pay tax and all utilities – it works out), and she’s not upset by it, so I’m not going to make a fuss.

  2. Jin Chiang says:

    Actually, the former. You will succeed with the weight loss. Why?

    Because you get back on the horse.

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