It’s supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. Initially they said 2-5 inches. Now it’s “up to 2 inches” and the Blizzard Warning is gone for my immediate vicinity. Yes, that’s what some genius titled the Winter Storm Watch that was active yesterday. I hoped that it would materialize, since I got begged to work tomorrow night so a co-worker can go out of state for his father-in-law’s memorial service. If they cancel production, then I don’t have to see anyone. That’s a definite win in my book. We’ll see how it works out. I figure it’s going to fizzle out and turn into a big nothing.

The Aquila girls have spent three of their six days here outside, parked next to the chicken run proper. They attracted a little attention, but the two groups largely ignore one another. Today they’re staying inside the building to protect them from the wetness falling from the sky. The next couple of weeks has forecast overnight temperatures in the low teens to low twenties, so they won’t join the flock until that shit is over. The building isn’t heated but is much less drafty than the coop. I killed enough with the heat last summer, I’m not going to kill my new babies with the cold. They seem healthy and normal and I want it to stay that way.

Yesterday I responded to a call for beta readers by L.J. Hachmeister. I recently entered a giveaway (I didn’t win) that included one of her books. Entering the giveaway also signs one up for the authors’ newsletter if they have one. Such was the nature of this request and subsequent arrangement. I’m halfway through the series she sent. It’s interesting so far, and I’ll leave it at that.

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