A Day in the Life

I’m due for my annual eye exam, and a couple years overdue for my hearing check. I attempted to schedule both today. Both have mandatory mask policies. Neither one will get my money at this time.

I finally got around to spreading the chicken shit over the bare spots in the yard today. The rake disturbed the new grass that had started to grow despite the recent cold temperatures. I’ll be putting more seed down tomorrow. Hopefully the existing new growth plus the extra nutrients and more seed will give us a decent yard this spring.

Amazon Warehouse will try to resell anything. I ordered an exhaust Y-pipe for the dump truck. Someone had returned one that they already welded in place. They had left one-foot sections of the welded-in pipe in the arms of the Y, and the weld bead on the single outlet side. Somehow Amazon thought this was accurately described as “like new, packaging will be damaged” and appropriate to be sold at a decent discount. Uh, no.

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3 Responses to A Day in the Life

  1. hollychism says:

    …some people. Wow. I mean, what in the *hell*??? Maybe it was a case of whoever was doing anything resembling quality control had no idea what they were looking at? Maybe?

    • alaskan454 says:

      Consider the average Amazon employee. Then consider the average person who can weld. Probably not a lot of common interests, skills, knowledge or world view.

      “Um, yeah, dude. This looks like what it’s supposed to be, but there’s, like, extra stuff. Duh, what do I do?” So they call it “used, like new” and try to sell it again. I don’t understand why they accepted as a return in the first place.

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