Epic Stupidity

My former employer, now client for the security company that currently employs me, instituted a voluntary face diaper program last year when the führer dropped the statewide mandate. The policy is thus:

As long as cases of the beer virus within the facility are below 1% of the total number of employees at this site, diapers are voluntary. If/when this threshold is exceeded, diapers become mandatory until the number of cases drops below said threshold for two consecutive weeks, it will go back to voluntary. I follow the logic, even if I think trying to control a virus with masks is akin to trying to stop sunrise with your voice. But then this happened.

A few minutes ago, I got a call saying that the number of positive cases now exceeds the threshold and diapers are now mandatory again. 

The factory shut down from Christmas Eve with no staff here except for security and some cleaning contractors that came in one day until today. Production restarts tonight. So none of these infected motherfuckers were on the property while symptomatic. None of them will be allowed to return until they have been deemed safe by one of the high priests of covidity. So can someone please explain to me why the fuck those of us who aren’t sick should wear a diaper when there is zero chance that we could have caught anything (and thereby spreading it unawares, presumably the reason for wearing said diaper) from any of these people who got sick while nowhere near the facility?

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