I removed another dead chicken from the coop yesterday. That’s three in about as many weeks. No symptoms, then dead. I keep hoping that their immune systems will finally conquer whatever it is, but I fear I’ll be without a flock before fall arrives.

In other news, the first weekend fully in my new role as forklift jockey went well. There were frustrating and annoying parts, but that’s what makes it “work” as opposed to “fun”. I’ll get used to the role, the team, and the leadership quickly enough. The fuckers already scheduled me for overtime on Wednesday and Thursday this week. As if the extra two days I’ve been working for the past four or five weeks to train hadn’t already exhausted me and put me way behind on my to-do list.

We had a trash panda stop by and clean out the cats’ food bowl Sunday night. Our cat didn’t like it but wasn’t intimidated. He sat there and watched it eat/wander around the porch for almost thirty minutes. At one point the coon, which appeared to outweigh our cat by a factor of at least three took a run at him, but he only retreated to the bottom of the steps before slinking back up to keep an eye on Mister Coon. It didn’t come back the next night but did show up again last night. I’d hoped it was just passing through. Trap is set and baited. With luck, by morning it’ll be fertilizer and worm food. UPDATE: Two hours after I posted this, the raccoon showed up and after several laps finally found its way inside and got caught. Moments later it was worm food.

No reappearance of the female cat after its one aforementioned return visit a couple weeks ago.

The garden is about done except for the green beans. The pole variety is still producing some. The bush variety didn’t do shit. I guess “landscape mix” (supposedly a 50/50 mix of compost and premium topsoil) doesn’t work well as garden soil. The only thing I planted that did well was the early crop of radishes. Everything else was lackluster at best. I’ll add some fertilizer and other goodies before I cover it for the winter and hopefully next year will be better. I still plan on more crops of greens for chicken treats assuming I can get them in the ground before the rest of the flock up and dies on me.

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2 Responses to Seven

  1. Jin Chiang says:

    Marek’s disease affecting the flock?

    • alaskan454 says:

      I don’t think that’s it. Their eyes are clear and I’ve seen no paralysis. And they are almost a year old, all came from the same farm, and were the first birds here in several years. I can’t imagine one or more were carriers and yet it took over three months after their arrival for it to manifest. But thanks for the suggestion. It’s a mystery I wish I could solve.

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