On Monday, I posted that I hadn’t seen Wanda, the female member of my Mouse Killer™ team, in the week since I released them from acclimatization confinement. On Monday night, she came back. She was skittish and obviously less comfortable than Quicksilver but stuck around/came and went for a good portion of the night. As luck would have it, I’d set up the trap (modified with a remote trigger) in an attempt to catch this month’s opossum. That’s the only place I had food, and unfortunately she never found the entrance to the cage and never ate. Hopefully that won’t discourage her from staying in the area, but time will tell if she’ll return. I didn’t see her last night. For the record, I didn’t catch the possum.

My new thirty federal reserve note LG phone has consistently demonstrated its budget nature since I activated it. I’d mostly gotten used to it and accepted its deficiencies as an acceptable tradeoff for a fresh battery. But it was very slow whenever it had to access the internet via wifi. I have 200 Mbps service at home. My “old” S8 speed tested today at 225 Mbps direct and 160 Mbps through VPN. The new LG came in at just over 2 Mbps both ways. That explained the delay whenever I tried to do anything that required network access. So I tried to get around the system. If you recall, Tracfone assured me that the S8 simply couldn’t be used on their network despite their supposed every effort to make it so. I pulled the SIM card from the active LG budget unit and put it in the S8 just to see what would happen. It booted up with my new number loaded in the configuration and every function worked perfectly. Basically, instead of the $1 bring-your-own-phone SIM card kit that should’ve worked, I ended up with a $40 (including tax and a cheap case) kit that included a backup phone. Whatever. It works.

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1 Response to Heh

  1. hollychism says:

    I’m glad your kitty came back. I hope she stays.

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