New Job

At the beginning of my shift last night, I was offered and I accepted a new position with my current employer. It involves a pay cut of almost twenty percent, but the stress level should decrease by about ninety percent.

I’ll be moving from a maintenance technician position to being a forklift jockey. Their capital equipment philosophy is to buy a Yugo, expect it to run like a Ferrari and be as reliable as Mercedes. It’s my job as the tech to make that happen, so you can imagine how much fun I have. It was bad enough when I was responsible for the electroplating machines. They were between thirty and fifty years old, but at least they were robust. Fix something, and it stayed fixed. Not so much in the new department. Poorly designed, made from cheap materials, and expected to run 24/7 for decades with minimal preventative maintenance. Can’t be done, and I want no part of the attempt.

So, now I’ll juggle the raw materials in the warehouse. All I have to do is pull orders in a reasonable amount of time and not crash the equipment. No stressing every time the radio goes off. No wondering how long a fix will hold until I have to tweak it again. No worrying about how high up the chain of command the report of my inability to fix the hottest machine in the department will go.

My transition date is undefined at this time, but it can’t be too terribly far away. I predict four weeks, am prepared for two months, and am hoping for two weeks.

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