Joys of Animal Ownership

There’s an intact male pit bull living across the street. I met him when the owner contracted me to till a garden patch for her a couple weeks ago, so neither of us is afraid of the other. He climbed the fence and came over when I got home today as I was checking the mail. I tried to run him off, but having met me before he wouldn’t run. I ignored him and backed the truck up to the under construction raised garden bed to unload the dirt I’d bought on the way home. As I was getting ready to climb up and start shoveling, the damn dog found my chickens.

It chased them from outside the run towards the coop, then jumped on top of the run near the coop and either it or some exposed wire yanked a couple feathers out of one of the birds. It couldn’t get through the wire to get inside the coop, and all the hens wisely hauled ass inside and up onto the roosts. Even so, it stretched and pulled down the wire that I had strung along the top of the run. I was pissed. I yelled and screamed and rushed it until it jumped off the run and went back out front. It still didn’t want to go home.

I came inside and got a pistol. (I usually have one on me when working outside, but I drove the truck today so I could get the dirt and I don’t keep one in the truck. And I’d just come home from work – a GFZ.) That fucking mutt was going home one way or another. I finally ran it across the street and yelled at it until the old cunt who owns it came outside. I told her what it did and that I didn’t want to hurt it but I did intend to protect my chickens. And I walked away.

She apologized to my back and mumbled something about not knowing how it got out. This is after telling me before I did the tractor job that it would probably climb the fence and come back to where I was preparing their garden plot. The fucking bitch knows. I mean, it’s only a three foot fence. Might reliably keep in a chihuahua. Definitely not a pittie.

This comes a day after a German Shepherd and what looked like a husky mix who wander through all too often found the balls to come up on the back porch and eat all the cat food. At least they didn’t fuck with the chickens.

And when I checked video from this morning I caught the fucking black and brown cat that ran Morella away from her food a few days ago eating the portion of cat food I put out before I went to work. I’m tired of feeding all the neighborhood animals except my own.

I just ordered a trap from TSC. I’ll be relocating the foreign cats. I hate to do it because cats can’t really be contained unless crated or inside and I don’t want anyone doing the same to my cats, but they come on my property, intimidate my cats and eat their food. Something has to be done. As for the dogs, I’ll try pellet gun first to deter, lethal if they’re attacking. Something tells me I’m not going to be very popular in the neighborhood soon. Especially if I have to dispatch a dog or ten.

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2 Responses to Joys of Animal Ownership

  1. hollychism says:

    This is one of the main reasons we don’t have chickens. Our neighbors have a husky mix that is an escape artist like you wouldn’t believe–damn thing actually jumped a 6′ privacy fence like a deer. So they tied him up when he insisted it was time for the dog to be outside. He jumped the fence anyway–the chain and collar broke, and the dog took off. He’s also got a good, strong chase instinct. Not too bad when what he’s chasing is a pest or something that fights back, but not great when it’s not.

    Their other dog who’s a rottie/lab mix…he’s *huge* but lazy. I think he might go out if there was an open gate. He also might not if it was nap time and he was comfortable.

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