A Bit of an Update

The birds continue to produce eggs. Wife is taking 2+ dozen with her when she heads north to see the grandbaby and family tomorrow. I’ve held my appetite in check the last  few days in order to maximize the number of eggs available for her to take. They deserve fresh eggs.

I’ve switched water dispensing devices for them. Initially I had a traditional waterer, but they continually bumped against it and got water everywhere. This also depleted their water supply, leaving them thirsty by the time I got around to refilling it. So I bought a four gallon two-outlet waterer from Tractor Supply that is supposed to support twenty-four hens. They seem to be using it, although the level doesn’t drop quickly like before. They aren’t showing any signs of distress  so I assume that all is working as it should.

I repositioned the feeder, since I initially had the feeder and waterer on separate ends of a metal rod atop a section of 2×4. They are going through what is supposed to be a 7-pound feeder’s worth of feed in three days. I guess that’s not bad for ten laying hens. I have also made some grit and crushed oyster shells available, but they haven’t bothered it much.

They still lay the occasional egg in the middle of the coop floor, but most seem to have figured out the nest boxes and their purpose.  Eventually they will “get” it.

I’ve seen both the cats on video in the last forty-eight hours. Unfortunately, I also saw a foreign cat chase off one of our cats tonight. Looks like I need to buy more pellets for my pellet gun so I can run the fucker off. I wouldn’t mind if our cats had accepted it as a friend  but that’s obviously not the case.  Pellets ordered.

Today was a productive day. Camille got the rest of the wall done for the raised bed, leaving only one cinder block to cut to finish blocking the area around one of the foundation vents. Then it’ll be up to me to finish filling it with dirt and plant our garden for the year. I’m busy deciding our crops. Radishes, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes for sure, carrots and green beans probable. Depends on what is available.

I also rebuilt the shallow well jet pump for our rainwater collection and irrigation system and it finally works for the first time.  I had struggled to get it to prime when I first hooked it up, so I assume that I fucked something up during that process. I didn’t see any obvious problems with the original parts when I did the rebuild, but something was obviously wrong, as it worked perfectly after I replaced the components.  I was able to water the front yard with no problems. It might be too late for the seed that I put down two weeks ago, but I’m hopeful.  I gave them a good sip of water tonight, and plan to do the same every night for a week.

By far, the most frustrating part of the day was replacing the wheels on my landscape rake.  It was shipped with wheels that came apart within weeks, so I replaced them with cheap Harbor Freight pneumatic tires and 5/8″ threaded rod (to replace the existing 1″ shaft wheels. Unfortunately, this required heavy modification. Even more unfortunately, the thin tires didn’t hold up and I had to replace them again today.

I bought solid wheels in order to eliminate the pneumatic issue. The problem was with the 5/8″ shaft size versus the original 1″ shaft. When I installed the pneumatic tires, I used scrap pieces of threaded 5/8″ rod along with a bushing and spacers. This worked, but the threads were destroyed where the wheel hub was, making the subsequent replacement a stone cold bitch. I eventually got got the new wheels/tires in place and operational without having to buy new rod or a proper shaft.

I didn’t really need to do the tires today, but a neighbor had stopped by a few days ago asking to rent the rake on an upcoming weekend, so since there was a problem anyway, I healed it.  Now it’s available for income production should he follow through

I also sold my road bicycle today. I paid over a thousand federal reserve notes for it, plus accessories, but I’m way too fat to ride a bike. So I accepted $750 for it. From a soldier stationed at a nearby base. Who brought what appeared to be his male partner along. God and goddess, what have they done to my military? Whatever. Faggot money spends as well as any other kind, and they aren’t hurting me.

I imbibed a bit after calling it a day. I should  have been in bed hours ago given my current work schedule, but I just wasn’t inclined to follow a proper schedule. Fuck ’em. Camille leaves tomorrow to visit the grandbaby for a week, so my sleep routine is flexible. But now my bed calls me.

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2 Responses to A Bit of an Update

  1. hollychism says:

    I’d considered planting, this weekend, but something held me back…and then we got winter mix in the forecast for Tuesday. Yup. Last third of April, half an hour north of Oklahoma, and we’ll be getting snow/rain/ice mix. Fun times! Glad we didn’t attempt anything this weekend.

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